We Create Winning Traders

Swing Service

Think you have to sit in front of a screen all day and be a top trader to make consistent profit in the markets? Think again. The NSTA Swing Signal Service is a hands off, no guesswork, done-for-you portfolio coverage service for global assets. We provide insight and full swing trading plans for stocks, options, futures, forex, and cryptos. Our real time service alerts keep you up to date on all new trades and all trade management in real time! It’s like having a top earning trader open their books and show you everything.

Intro 101 Foundation Courses

The 101 Foundations Courses are the most important part of getting started in financial trading.  Each asset class (Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options & Cryptos) all have their own characteristics and are all different in their own way.  We have built a series of deep dive training programs that teach you everything you need to know about getting started trading these markets.  You need to know this before you can actually start trading!

Education, Strategies & Trade Rooms.

We teach you to be a successful trader in 3 Steps.

  • Step 1 – (Education) – Platforms, brokers, timeframes, price action , indicators and deep dive trader training. 
  • Step 2 – (Strategies) – Day trading, swing trading, trend trading, reversal trading, price strategies, volume strategies, order flow strategies, algorithmic trading, trade management, risk management, money management and running a business as a professional trader/investor.
  • Step 3 (Live Trading Rooms). Stocks, futures, forex, options & cryptos.  Join a community of active traders with professional instructors trading live in the classes with real trade and real fills.

Indicators & Add-ons.

Our indicators are built to solve specific problems traders face on a regular basis.  We specialize in taking advanced concepts and making them easy to use and effective for successful trading. All of our indicators and system add-ons are built to be used as standalone trading systems or as add-ons to your current trading strategies. The NeuroStreet advantage is that we provide the largest inventory of trading indicators, built for use on multiple platforms at the most competitive pricing. 

Neuroscience Meets Wall Street

Trading is a performance based business that involves cognitive requirements and emotional management. Our thoughts lead our emotions, our emotions lead our actions, our actions dictate our results. NeuroStreet has a proven system for training your brain to enhance cognitive abilities. This is especially important in fast markets when analyzing trades and managing risk.


The most liberating feeling of success is knowing that you are part of a group that promotes winning. To truly succeed in trading, you must become better at everything you do in this business. This means, learning more advanced concepts, doing deep-dive training and practice exercises, having professionals guide you in online and live training environments, and more importantly having a private community to collaborate with.  Our Mastermind Group Coaching and Legacy VIP Programs are designed to create highly successful and profitable traders. 


We Know The Struggle You’re Facing.

Second Guessing

Never knowing if your trades will work or not leading to fear driven actions and lack of discipline that destroy your success.

Lack Of Belief

Disbelief in your ability to succeed and your strategy due to past losses and failed attempts.


Not being able to make money consistently, While having intermittent periods of success followed by more losses. 

Fear and Greed

Completely sabotaging yourself due to poor emotional and trade management environments.

That’s A Thing of The Past.

NeuroStreet values transparency, service and honesty. Our courses are designed to take you by the hand through all steps of your trading career. We are determined to create and nurture the best traders on the market. Many of our traders have gone onto working for proprietary trading firms, managing family offices, as well as trading successfully their own accounts. Our school operates with a – No One Gets Left Behind – mindset.  We call our trades LIVE and you watch in real time our instructors tackle the market so you LEARN how to create a profitable business that serves you and your family.


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