This is single handed the most important questions we ask when first starting out as a trader.  It’s often misunderstood and it’s the reason many traders get off in the wrong direction. 

In order to master the art of trading, you need to have a strategy and a system, have a trading plan includes understanding the different risks and rewards associated with different markets and making an educated choice when trading a market. When becoming a professional trader it is critical to understand your playing field: Knowing the pros and cons of each market will surely help you make the right choice.

Here at NSTA, we teach a proven method being used by other traders. Our process provides a reliable business plan you can depend on and the strategies are rules based and easy to learn. Our Motto Is Simple: “Learn Before you Burn. We will teach you first hand, how to make money before you ever spend a dollar with us! All of our trading Software can be used for Stocks/Futures/Forex (depending on your platform) 

In today’s MONEY MONDAYS (Episode #4), Sean will break down everything you need to know about each market and where to focus for daytrading, swing trading and investing. Watch our brand new episode of MONEY MONDAYS!

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