Are You Struggling to Understand & Trade Micro Volume Effectively While Others Are Raking In Day Trading profits?

You are if you’re not using Volume Spread Data designed to let you know when the Institutions flush the market on purpose.  Standard volume information can only get you so far until you realize you are truly missing the boat and need to increase your level of understanding into the big wide world of day trading volume.

Conventional Volume Indicators are only giving you the net sum, or the relationship per bar, however, this could not be farther from what’s needed.  In order to capitalize on true volume influence, you need to see when the banks are surgeon volume with large climactic force while stopping the market to consolidate and churn before the next move.

Without this type of trader resources, You end up second-guessing your trade decisions without knowing the beating heart of the market, resulting in you entering or exiting trades with too much unnecessary risk. You second guess volume spread information only to be left holding the bag at key levels of support/resistance that have merit.   You essentially experience losses or less profit potential than expected because of your lack of accuracy. 

You Begin to Fear Your Every Trade Decision Because…

  • You are unfamiliar with what’s actually taking place behind the scenes with volume.
  • You are nervous with entries and exits because every time you trade, you feel like there’s more data that you should be having
  • You are unsure when the market is going to flush or continue
  • You have difficulty accessing when the market is churning volume for the nxt big explosive move.
  • You don’t know who you are trading against
  • You are unsure if your reading the volume information correctly
  • You are having difficulty defining large body candles from climactic candles.
  • You have no way to locate the exact bar that volume tells you to trade
  • You can’t predict trends or reversals where volume supports the movement
  • You only see trends and reversal after the fact always feeling left out


This Is Now A Problem Of The Past…You Need a Permanent Solution That Gives You Inside Volume Accuracy + Exact Profile Pattern Recognition

On top of VSA (Volume Spread Analysis), there is actually another layer of profiling only done by the most accurate and experienced traders.  You see, VOLUME is the only proven tool that can be used to LEAD PRICE.  In fact, volume is the #1 Leading Indication of how to depict smart money.  Think of it like the Diamond In The Ruff.

 We first take the volume to locate climatic bank transitions and liquidity, only to combine it with Micro Volume Profile Pattern Recognition.   This not only gives you the details of the Big Boy Activity but also empowers you to now see when the market is going to reverse, trend or breakout using Profile Patterns.  Up until now, the only way to do this was on larger time frames used by the bigger traders.  NSTA has now leveled the playing field by bringing this down to the retail trading environment.


Introducing the 2-In-1 VSA Suite

The VSA Suite is a hybrid volume profile tool used to merge Volume Spread Analysis with Profile Pattern Recognition.  We analyze the climactic volume, we locate churn and rotations, plus we leverage micro-volume profiles to lead the market activity.

By allowing you to look into the data as a micro day trader, an intraday swing trader, or even a larger market speculator, We can now level the volume to take you to an entirely new level of accuracy.

The VSA Suite is Applicable for all global markets (Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options & Crypto) and more important for any style of trader.  The best part is that this doesn’t replace what you’re doing. It makes it more effective.  You can use the VSA suite as a standalone system or merge it with others to enhance your data analysis.


The VSA Suite Will Allow You To Trade Confidently While…

  • Mastering reversal trades with pinpoint accuracy
  • Identifying climactic volume only the banks can leave clues on
  • Knowing what the market will do before it happens
  • Knowing when to be aggressive and when to sit tight
  • Knowing exactly when the market is healthy to trade
  • Knowing when, where and why to take your trade with an edge
  • Learning to rely on leading information
  • Avoiding stop runs and fake-outs due to lack of context
  • Removing fear and doubt while using profile patterns
  • Not having to chase the market and instead let the market come to you


The VSA Suite Combines The Best Of Both Worlds: VSA + PROFILE PATTERNS

  1. Volume Spread Analysis
  2. Climactic Volume
  3. Churn Volume
  4. VSA Volume Signals
  5. P,D,b Micro Volume Patterns
  6. Micro Volume Profiles
  7. Bar Volume Distribution
  8. HVN and LVN Micro Volume 


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 Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A: Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 8.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

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$1,995 USD / $,1495 USD

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