Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options & Cryptos
Learning how to be a consistently profitable trader involves 3 main areas of focus. First you must learn the necessary tools, indicators, skills and concepts required to trade active strategies. Secondly, you must learn proven trading strategies used by other successful traders. Then the best place to practice and hone your skills is in a live class with experience trading instructors calling trades and trading with you in real time. This is the NSTA advantage!


All Below Are Included In The Gold Plan.


99 Videos / 40 hours

Our deep dive education program (applicable to all assets classes & trader types) teaches you, Platforms, Brokers, Timeframes, Indicators, Charting, Patterns, Market Structure, Profiles, Supply & Demand, Orderflow, Volume, Fibonacci, Momentum, Trends, Reversals, & Custom Proprietary System Add-Ons. Hands down, the most comprehensive trading education on the web! Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or investor, we have you covered!


68 Videos / 38 hours

The strategies course is what takes you from zero to hero and gives you the proven rules based trading systems used by retail and proprietary traders. Our proven frameworks give you the exact rules, entries, stops and targets for all strategies. We teach you how to trade the trends, fade the reversals and ride the breakouts like a seasoned professional. Our risk management, trade management and business builder program is unmatched in the industry. Our traders have gone on to trade for proprietary firms, manage private family offices and even trade as licensed professionals. We stand behind what we do and teach because we know it works! Our strategies are designed for all asset classes. If you want to trade stocks, futures, forex, cryptos and options we have dedicated systems and training programs for each.


3 hours per day, 4 days/week

Futures & Forex 

The most important part of your success hinges on watching other traders trade live with you in real time, taking real trades, and showing you how it’s done, with a community of live traders. The biggest advantage of NSTA trade rooms is that we have built our live classrooms to accommodate all trader types and styles. Each day, we will show you where the best trades are, how we will trade them, the best markets to participate in, and most importantly trade management. When you’re in our classes, you will never fear your trade plan again! Say goodbye to second guessing your strategies and abilities to trade….You will never trade alone!!!