The Termite Scalping Package is a combination of the VMSystem (Signal Generator) and the NSTA Levels software. It uses the Macro Profiles, the Auction Curve and the GFSystem to show us when there is clear areas to take the trades and then uses the VMSystem to trigger the entry.

With the Termite Strategy you can take small bites over and over out of the market to become consistently profitable.

4 Software Components Included In Package

Macro Profiles (AOI – Levels)


The Macro Profiles produces Multiple Time frame Profile Arbitrage @ VAH/VAL trade locations. These are proprietary institutional trading levels.  When used with the Termite System, we use these to filter trades and avoid trading into macro levels.

GFSystem (AOI – Levels)


The GFSystem produces Multiple Time Frame Fibonacci Confluence Support & Resistance trade locations. These are proprietary institutional trading levels. When used with the Termite System, we use these to filter trades and avoid trading into Fibonacci levels.

VMSystem (Trade Management)


The VMSystem is a hybrid momentum indicator/system that shows us when we have momentum confluence.  This data is critical for timing entries and exits efficiently for trade management. When used with the Termite System, we use the “Built In” Termite Signal Generator, to locate buy and sell signals.

Auction Curve (Trade Management)


The Auction Curve is used for trade location around the daily auction.  It shows us when market structure and price location is aggressive or conservative around retail or value price locations.  This is used for permissive action when managing trad

“Plus, Each Software Comes With…”


  • 2 PC Licenses (Have it on both your desktop & your laptop)
  • Detailed usages & setting video
  • Extensive PDF user manual
  • Free Updates for NT8



Free In Depth Strategy Manual 37pages- PDF



Vip Extra Strategy Training Video 2+hrs 



Pre-Built Chart Templates & Workspaces (Have your charts match the instructor)



Free Fast Track On Boarding call with a qualified trading expert.



Remote Support Installation- Our Head of support will dial into your computer and help install all the software for you!


Learn More- two deep dive webinars solly dedicated to the package.



Valued at $7732


Package Pricing  $4532


 Save $3200

(When you bundle and buy all 4)
If you own any of the software already and looking to complete the bundle simply only add the software you do NOT own into the shopping cart on the order form. 


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