The following software bundles are tailored specifically for each trader persona.   

As you follow along in our Live Futures Trading Room and learn the different strategies we teach and trade, you can leverage the package that suits you best.



The Profiles Levels Package is our primary trading system bundle.  The main focus is around Market & Volume Profile for AOI’s.

We then use a combination of Auction Curve Theory, Orderflow & Delta, and Momentum Confluence for trade management and execution.

Combined, this is our core methodology as it lends itself to both directional and nondirectional day trading and scalping. This system has been proven profitable for many of our students.


The Termite Scalping Package is a combination of the VMSystem (Signal Generator) and the NSTA Levels software.

It uses the Macro Profiles, the Auction Curve and the GFSystem to show us when there is clear areas to take the trades and then uses the VMSystem to trigger the entry.

With the Termite Strategy you can take small bites over and over out of the market to become consistently profitable.


At NeuroStreet Trading Academy we have traders helping traders to become successful. At any time you have questions about our software or want to book a demo we have qualified traders waiting to help you.