Swing Signal Service.


Where Smart Money Plays the Game!

Are you tired of hearing how traders around the globe are raking in profits from the markets but you’re stuck in your job, or you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer to day trade.  Don’t worry, we get it…the best part here is we got you covered!

This is your life, this is your chance, this is your opportunity to take your passion and dreams of becoming a highly successful trader and finally achieve the financial success you’re searching for.  The best part is, you don’t have to change your life, give up your job or even become a day trader.  That’s right, there is a better way!

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, what broker you trade with or how much money you have because what we’re about to show you bypasses all that and the best part is, we do the heavy lifting.

NSTA is a global expert in trading strategies, education and software for global assets.  We not only teach retail traders but we also service high level professionals in family offices and prop firms.  In doing so, we offer global market coverage and also the ability to day trade with us or swing trade.  So how does this help you???

Our MARKET SIGNAL SWING SERVICE is the world’s only hands off trading service that takes the guess work out of where to trade.  We publish and manage coverage on global portfolios of all markets so you can live your life, and become a winning trader!

Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex & Crypto.

You can choose to follow our coverage of only the best trades picked by our top leading instructors.  We literally take the guesswork out of trading.  We not only cover good trades and why we’re initiating coverage on them, we also explain the trade management so you understand how our instructors are covering full trade management.   The best part here is you can choose whether you want to take the trades or not based on your own risk tolerance.  Essentially it’s like having top traders empower you to learn how without the fear of doing it all by yourself!

We will be updating all watchlists and signals daily, weekly and monthly.  We will be sending you alerts and or emails so you’re always aware of the next opportunity as well as how we are managing the current trades we cover.

  • Are you interested in growing your stock account? – Excellent we can help you!
  • Do you want to take advantage of Global Commodities? – We got you covered!
  • I bet you want to participate in FOREX, being the largest player in global volume? – Awesome!
  • Looking forward to Options Leverage? – We show you when and why to use them!
  • Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the Crypto Boom! – it’s only just beginning and we’re on fire!

Let’s put this into PERSPECTIVE…

You work your entire life to make money…the last thing you need or want is to lose it to the markets because of the wrong information or experience level.  Don’t worry, that’s a thing of the past.  On top of all this, we’re not day trading here.. that’s way too risky… this is swing trading… Where the smart money plays the game!!!

What’s The Solution?

The entire reason the NSTA Swing Signal Service exists is to literally do all the heavy lifting for you.  By using swing trading and longer term trading plays, we’re not looking for small base hits.  We’re looking for seriously big trades that can produce large opportunities and empower you to change your financial ship quickly.

Sounds like something you’re interested in? YOU BET IT IS!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. We monitor the markets daily
  2. We initiate coverage on all watchlists.
  3. We add the trades to our portfolio sheets so you can see the entire trade plan
  4. We take a pre trade screenshot so you see why, where and when we initiate coverage.
  5. We manage the trade based on how the market plays out.
  6. We close the position and update the portfolio sheets so you see all details.
  7. We take a post trade screen shot to show the end result of each trade.
  8. During this process, every time we initiate coverage or make trade management decisions, we notify our users via alerts so you are always aware of our market coverage.

You will be provided with:

  1. Detailed training on the system, the rules and the process for all trades.
  2. Videos and links to view the ongoing portfolios of the trades.
  3. Deep dive insights to all the program, markets, coverage and ways to properly proceed with the service.

Here are some examples of the past round of trades we covered on all asset classes:





Next Steps…

  1. Decide you want to take control of your financial future
  2. Decide you want us to help lead the way
  3. Sign Up for the SWING SIGNAL SERVICE
  4. Start making SMART Trades and reap the benefits


  1. Decide to take the trades you want based on our coverage
  2. Determine your risk tolerance and trade size
  3. Live your life to the fullest & Tell your friends how happy you are!

It’s Okay to be Excited! You Should Be!

We Pick the Trades So You Can Live Your Life

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  • Portfolio Coverage on ALL Asset Classes
  • Stocks | Options | Futures | Forex | Crypto
  • Instant Trade Alerts
  • Full Swing Trade Plans Including Entry, Stops, and Multiple Targets
  • Detailed Training on The Full Trading System
  • Trade Analysis and Screenshots Before and After



  • We’re not advising you to buy or sell
  • Were not managing your accounts for you
  • We’re simply providing you with signals, opportunities and potential plays we feel are spot on and have produced awesome outcomes in the past based on our core systems and experience.
  • Please be advised that at this moment our SMS service is in Beta. We are actively working to improve it, as well as developing a mobile application to better service our students.
  • If you choose to take these trades, it’s at your own discretion and should be done so, knowing all rules, regulations, and risks associated with the markets as per our legal disclaimers.
  • View full disclaimer CLICK HERE!