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CTV – Overview


Are You Having Trouble Identifying Support And Resistance Momentum To Correctly Buy And Sell At The Right Time? Are You Afraid Of Counter Trend Trading?

You are if you are using rudimentary tools that only relies on conventional methods of price data analysis, which do not capture the full picture of what you need. Tools such as RSI’s, CCI’s and MACD’s are conventionally the status quo norm but they are not useful in identifying the sections of price that are going to feel buying pressure and selling pressure for trend and counter trend trading.

In terms of volume, there are very few indicators that describe if there is buying or selling pressure. The conventional Volume histogram only displays the total number of contracts that exchanged hands, which is not enough information to make a trading decision. In addition, volume indicators do not show you who exactly is buying and selling as well as how powerful the buyers are -vs- the sellers and vice-versa.

You end up second guessing your trade decisions without knowing the beating heart of the market, resulting in you entering or exiting trade with too much unnecessary risk. You double guess who is buying and who is selling and make inaccurate predictions of buying and selling pressure. You experience losses or less profit potential than expected because of your lack of accuracy. The incorrect tools that refrain you from accurate and timely trend information result in you being afraid of counter trend trading.


You Doubt Your Every Trade Decision Because…

  • You Are Unfamiliar With Counter Trend Trading Or You Think It Is Dangerous And Does Not Work
  • You are nervous about trading pullbacks in trends because you fear you’re too late to the party
  • You Are Unsure Of When To Buy Support And Sell Resistance
  • You Have Difficulty Knowing If The Institutional Traders Are Buying Or Selling
  • You Don’t Know Who You Are Trading With Or Against
  • You Are Unsure If You Are On The Right Side Of The Trade Or Not
  • You Are Having Trouble Correctly Identifying When To Enter The Market In Order To Capitalize On Your Trade
  • You Have No Way Of Finding Hidden High Probability Levels Of impact
  • You Cannot Accurately Predict Where The Price Will Reverse Trend Before It Happens
  • You Only See The Trend Reversals AFTER They Happen
  • You Continue To Have An Overall Bad Experience While Trading
  • You Experience Anxiety From The Constant Unknown


You Need Tools That Not Only Describe Buying And Selling Pressure, But Also Signal In Advance Which Direction The Momentum, Price and Internals are Going To Shift And When.

Learning support and resistance is not easy. Buying and selling pullbacks can only be accomplished when knowing when and where the pullback is going to stop and favour your direction. In order to trade support and resistance consistently well, you need to buy support and sell resistance, which can be a counter trend strategy. Counter trend trading is similar to trend trading where you need to know where to enter in order to capitalize on your trade. Counter trend trading is also referred to as “Fading” because you’re always selling the highs and buying the lows. Done correctly is extremely powerful however done incorrectly results in constant battles of loss.

The Time Price Opportunity (TPO) indicator and the Cumulative Tick Volume (CTV) indicator is the best way to help you identify where to enter the market for both trend and counter trend trading strategies.

Successful trading requires accuracy and precision with your trade locations. Knowing where the money is flowing is crucial to navigate successfully through the markets. If you are not following institutional order flow, volume and internals, you can very quickly and easily get crushed in the markets. Without the ability to see if the institutional traders are buying or selling, it is hard to know if you are on the right side of the trade or not.

The TPO/CTV Suite removes unnecessary uncertainties and provides you with the accurate levels of volume/time/orderflow support and resistance. Our tool takes away one of the biggest problems traders face, Doubt.

You don’t need many tools. You just need the right ones!


Introducing the TPO/CTV Suite.

The TPO/CTV Suite is a simple yet sophisticated two-in-one package that provides you with a peace of mind by identifying the direction of the smart money. The Time Price Opportunity (TPO) indicator uses statistical methods of analyzing price, value and locating true levels of support and resistance from time and volume that we can consistently see working.

The Cumulative Tick Volume (CTV) indicator can be customized to show you institutional order flow apart from the small money order flow. This feature is unique because most order flow indicators show you the total net delta of every order executed in the market, with our software, you can choose the size of the orders you want to focus on.

The TPO Distributions indicator analyzes price action using a standard deviation, otherwise known as a bell curve distribution. This is a statistical method of analyzing data that shows you where value has been distributed and where it has not. But it is not as easy as it sounds. There are complications to distributions because every day is not the same and different distributions require different solutions. Our software can tackle these complications with the proper and unique solution. Finding support and resistance has never been so accurate.

The Cumulative Tick Volume indicator special algorithm can segregate specific size orders from the rest of the order flow and illustrate only the net delta between these orders. This allows you to see the volume sentiment of the smart money apart from the overall market.


The TPO/CTV Suite Will Allow You To Trade Confidently While…

  • Mastering The Ability To Trade Trend & Counter Trend Properly
  • Identifying Quickly All Hidden High Probability Levels Of Support And Resistance
  • Knowing Where The Price Will Reverse Trend Before It Happens
  • Knowing The Right Side Or The Wrong Side Of A Trade
  • Knowing Exactly Who is Buying And Who Is Selling
  • Knowing Who You Are Trading With Or Against And Subsequently, Ease Your Anxiety
  • Learning Patience And Restraint
  • Learning To Stop Over Trading
  • Making A Consistent Income From The Markets And Becoming Financially Independent
  • Not Having To Chase After The Market And Let The Market Come To You


The TPO/CTV Suite Is A 2 In 1 Tool That Allows You To…


Learn About TPO-Distributions:

  1. Understand What Is A Standard Deviation Applied To Trading
  2. Understand How To Analyze Price Action Using Standard Deviation
  3. Learn About Theory Of Distributions And Their Real Life Applications
  4. Learn What Time Price Opportunities Are And How Profiles Build Over Time
  5. Learn About The 3 Key Distribution Patterns
  6. Understand Singular & Multi-Modal Distributions
  7. Learn The SECRET To Locating Support And Resistance And Applying This Strategy To Your Trading

Learn About CTV Indicator:

  1. Learn What The Cumulative Tick Volume Is
  2. Understand Volume: Buying Volume And Selling Volume
  3. Learn About Volume Delta
  4. Learn How To Manipulate Time & Sales Data
  5. Learn How Buying And Selling Exhaustion is Key


Think The TPO/CTV Suite Is For You? Join Our Next Webinar And Live Trading Room.

  • You Will Learn How To Analyze A Wide Variety Of Markets With The TPO-Distributions
  • You Will Be Able To Watch A Market Profile Specialist Split Multi-Modal Distributions Into Their Normal Distribution Forms
  • You Will Learn How To Find Support And Resistance In Global Markets
  • You Will Learn To Track The Volume Delta Of Institutional Traders In Global Markets


With The NeuroStreet Online Training That Goes With It…

  • You Will Receive The Most Comprehensive Live Market Training In The Industry
  • You Will Master Trend And Counter Trend Trading And Know Exactly Where To Enter In Order To Capitalize On Your Trade
  • You Will Eliminate The Lack Of Trust In Your Strategy
  • You Will Put An End To Second Guessing And Your Ability To Profit From Trading
  • You Will Follow Rules-Based Trading Environments, While Learning How To Leverage The Data That Institutions Use To Trade Against The Retail Public
  • You Will Easily Learn How To Use And Apply Our Advanced Software To Make Trading Easy and Simple
  • You Will Be A Part Of A Trading Community With Others That Share Your Interest In Which You May Discuss And Learn From Each Other
  • You Will Build Trust In Your Ability To Succeed, Make Money And Reach Your Goals


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 8 (ONLY) and TradeStation.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

NeuroStreet TPO/CTV Auto V2 Software Box Graphic

$2,995 USD

NeuroStreet TradeStation TPO/CTV Auto V2 Software Box Graphic

$2,995 USD

Why choose TPO/CTV?

In my many years of effort to become a successful trader I have run across the concept of market profile several times. My first problem was that I would always confuse it with volume profile and never quite understood the difference. Each time I tried to research market profile I found a lot of convoluted information that was not very helpful. I finally began to get a grasp on what market profile meant, but did not really see how I could successfully trade with it, especially since it was built from a 30 minute time frame which I felt was too large for my account size. Then I saw the TPO/CTV presentation by NeuroStreet. It was the best market profile presentation I had ever seen. It actually made sense to me. I decided to invest in the software. The training videos put together that I gained access to after the purchase are excellent. After watching them, I truly felt for the first time that I really understood market profile and how to use it.

Larry Wilkinson

Sound like the solution to the trading riddle you’ve been looking for?

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