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Target Finder – Overview


Have you ever wondered why some traders end up making it and some don’t?  


You are, if you’re relying on the human eye to see dynamic market structure used for exit strategy management.  Standard trading indicators and manually drawn price levels will never compete with the power of an automated target finder.  Some things are meant for algos only!


The market will produce different price structures and levels of support and resistance  on different timeframes and fractals.  Each level has a range of variance that creates support and resistance.  If you have ever noticed that not all levels of structure are created equal.  This is because they aren’t.  In fact, there is a hidden forcefield around each level of structure that almost always is invisible to the human eye.  This is only readable by mathematical algos and variance calculators to ensure you always know the STRUCTURE IN CONTROL!


Without the ability to scan multiple levels of support and resistance or broken levels of support and resistance, navigating proper exit strategies is rendered useless.  If you were to try and do this manually, you would be left with inaccurate information and human error that is not acceptable to professional traders.  As a result, you would miss the best exit locations and most likely engage in the incorrect trade management due to lack of data, resources and mathematical algos that are precise and accurately needed for planning high probability trade management options.



Manual Attempts to Calculate These Levels of Structure Targets Would Result In:


  • Incorrect placement of long targets
  • Incorrect placement of short targets
  • Inaccurate forecasts of support & resistance
  • Second guessing your mathematical exit strategies
  • Questioning your target placements for sound exits
  • Wondering if your trades are actually producing the ideal exit strategy


On top of this, you would begin to feel…

  • Nervous due to lack of proper exits
  • Afraid to trust your trade management
  • Doubt because you would constantly question your profitability.
  • Frustrated for missing really big targets and runners
  • Annoyed for taking incorrect targets
  • Overwhelmed for having to try and do this all manually


You need to equip yourself with the proper indicators that can automate this process and give you algo accuracy…


Having automated targets calculated in real time is truly a work of art.  Trying to catch every level of structure in place can only be done by computers and custom algorithms.  In order to put this power on your side.


No more are the days that you see these market anomalies leave you behind frustrated because you missed the proper exit and trade management decision.  Having the knowledge to know when and where to exit the market is how professional traders participate.


  • Using Target Finder will give you an edge by scanning the structure in control.
  • Successful traders use price structure to locate where the market will react before indicators ever can do their job.
  • Low risk trading required laser accuracy and target placement
  • Avoid missing targets at structure highs and lows
  • Avoid missing exits in broken levels of structure
  • Never get caught of guard with structure variance for targets
  • The Target Finder used automated structure detection to locate the best exit locations related to price action and levels in play.


Introducing “Target Finder” Exit Strategy Software:

  • The Target Finder trading software is automated exit strategy locator
  • The Target Finder algo locates structure highs and lows that are in control of price rotations.
  • The Target Finder algo locates broken structure support & resistance that are controlling “retests” of price reactions.
  • Each level or structure has its own unique requirements pertaining to mathematical variance and levels in control.  
  • Using Price and Structure, we don’t rely on lagging data or indicators that backpaint, we leverage real time levels scanning to make sure you always know the structure in control so you can place your exits and targets in the correct locations.
  • You will avoid missing fills and targets because you will always know where the market is expected to turn in advance.
  • The entry gets you in the market the Target Finder helps get you paid!


The Target Finder Will Allow You To Trade Confidently While…

  • Mastering price structure locations 
  • Identifying hidden levels of support & resistance
  • Knowing where price will reverse before it happens
  • Being able to plan your entire exit strategy in advance
  • Witnessing  where broken levels will control retests for exits
  • Using target locators to pinpoint laser exits with accuracy
  • Learning which level is best for your targets and trade management
  • Avoiding missing fills on exits by not knowing where to take profits
  • Removing fear and doubt due to precise mathematical algorithms
  • Not getting greedy and taking advantage of proper exit planning.


The Target Finder Is An Auto Algorithm That Allows You To…


  • Scan and locate various Structure High/Low Targets
  • Scan and locate various Broken Structure Targets
  • Analyse mathematical exits for solid trade management
  • Determine T1,T2,T3 with mathematical accuracy
  • Scan multiple levels simultaneously
  • Project long targets
  • Project short targets
  • Auto update or lock levels for real time trade management
  • Automate exit trade plans
  • Leverage custom user interface for easy trading


Finally Exit Locations & Targets Based On Math And Price Structure You Can Believe In…




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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complimentary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader  8.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase


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