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Print Profiler – (Orderflow Print) Overview


Print Profiler – (Volume Profile) Overview


Are You Getting Tricked, Trapped & Blindsided By Institutions — And Don’t Even Know It?

You are if you can’t see their bid /ask orderflow print and volume profile inside your price bars. That’s because institutions know your lagging price-based indicators blind you to their order flow volume that really drives price.

So you’ll keep buying the wrong side of the market — And they’ll keep picking your positions clean before you even think of entering or exiting nearly every trade.


How Can You Tell You’re Being Blindsided On Nearly Every Trade By The Institutions?

  • You Have No Way To Spot The Order-Flow & Volume Of Big Players
  • You Trade Where Volume Is Too Thin
  • You Trade Where Volume Is Stacked Against You
  • You Enter Too Soon Then Second Guess Your Entire Trade
  • You Chase Unprofitable Trades
  • You Chronically Get Stopped Out Before The Trade Works Out
  • You Exit Trades Too Soon, Missing Out On Half The Profits
  • You Guess Where To Place Your Stops
  • You Rely On Lagging Indicators That Can’t See Order Flow Intell
  • You Lose Far More Than You Win


Is It Really Possible To Stop Trading Against The Institutions?

Yes, as long as you have a way to see the same real-time order flow data the mighty institutional giants do. Our new Print Profiler solves this by removing the unnecessary trading hype and provides what matters most, institutional “Market Orderflow Print & Volume Profile”.

By looking inside each price bar to identify bid/ask orderflow print and volume profile, you can take precision entries and exits using the internal view of the market.  This helps you see what the big players do to trade against the retail public.

Watching institutions key order flow intel allows you to trade right alongside them, without getting trapped against their trade decisions.  With true market orderflow print and volume profile, you can know in advance where to trade and where not to trade — so you only trade when the risk is lowest and the rewards are highest.


Introducing The Print Profiler: The Easiest Way Possible To Let Your Profits Run With The Institutions

With the Print Profiler Suite, you could stop second guessing your abilities to trade and make a consistent income from the markets. Because you’ll be armed with universal strategies and tools for day trading or swing trading futures, forex and stocks on any timeframe, and for any trader type.


The Print Profiler Suite Gives You 5 Tools In One:



  • See true orderflow in each price bar so you can see the executed orderflow rather than guess what’s happening between buyers and sellers. This improves entry and exit strategies because it shows real-time orders being executed in each price bar, making it easier to spot the best locations to limit risk during a trade.



  • Bar Volume Profile — Tracks volume in real time. This helps improve entry techniques by showing volume shifts intra-bar. It also helps improve trailing stop management because you can let winning trades run longer when volume supports the direction of the trade.
  • Composite Volume Profile — Tracks institutional value and sentiment. This helps identify the macro view of daily volume and value. This will show you where the institutions are setting the environment for the day and maps out value areas important for directional sentiment.
  • Manual Volume Profile — Allows you to create custom profiles around areas of trading interest, giving you the flexibility to draw custom volume profiles at areas you’re planning on trading while giving you inside volume data for executing your strategy.



  • Locate true supply and demand levels driven by market orderflow print imbalances (NOT SUPPORT & RESISTANCE). This shows you where the market has been deemed cheap (demand) or expensive (supply) so you can buy and sell at the correct locations set by the bigger players.



  • Identify buy and sell signals driven by exhausted order flow so you can get into a trade on the specific bar that offers the lowest risk due to trapped order flow.



  • Identify buy and sell signals when price moves in one direction but the (net) change in orderflow is signaling that the order flow does not support the directional move. These ‘divergent’ signals can help you avoid fake-outs or false moves while also signaling exhaustion at key levels that are crucial for timing entries and nailing exits.


And With The NeuroStreet Online Training That Goes With It…

  • You’ll Smartly Trade With Internal Data Of Institutional Volume Profile And Orderflow Print
  • You’ll Avoid Trades With Too Much Risk
  • You’ll Stop Exiting Trades Too Soon
  • You’ll Use Proper Trade Management Data That Can Nurture Larger Profits
  • You’ll Never Buy And Sell When Order Flow Is Stacked Against You
  • You’ll Know How To Protect Yourself From Stop Hunters
  • You’ll Only Take Trades With Big Money Order Flow Intell Behind It
  • You’ll Stop Trading On Emotions And Guessing How To Manage Risk
  • You’ll Have Consistent Wins And Lower Risk
  • You’ll Trust Your Ability To Reach Your Goals


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 7 & 8.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

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$1,995 USD / $1,495 USD

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