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Pattern Finder Overview



Do you often get caught second guessing price action pattern reversals?

Trying to use price action to consistently pick low risk pattern locations, without losing your shirt (or nerves), is no easy feat.  Yet, no matter what new tool or strategy you have, you hesitate before clicking to execute trades. And when you do pull the trigger?  You sit and doubt if you did the right thing as the market shreds your trade plan.  

So what causes this fear to pull the trigger?

Fear creeps in when, “You don’t have the full picture!”  

You usually feel fear as soon as…

  • You buy after a false bullish breakout
  • You sell after a false bearish breakout
  • You buy where supply has not confirmed a structure reversal
  • You sell where demand has not confirmed a structure reversal
  • You enter too soon because reversals are not yet confirmed.
  • You ignore market context because your afraid of missing the trade
  • You take trades that offer too much risk, and not enough reward potential


Before you know it, you’re paralyzed by everything…

  • Guessing where low-risk trades are located
  • Guessing which trades offer high reward potential
  • Guessing which trades will actually have a high probability of working out in your favor
  • Guessing how to use your indicators or software to their fullest potential


But here’s what’s most surprising

Underneath all second-guessing is a lack of trust: in yourself and your tools.  You have to be able to trust yourself to correctly interpret and correctly act on the data your tools give you. 

What if your tools aren’t giving you good data to start with?  This is often the case if you’re using lagging indicators.  This causes you to chase trades, get in late, increase your risk, and decrease your reward potential. Yet, the most advanced indicators in the world can’t stop your second guessing. Because even if you have the right data, not knowing which trades offer low risk and high reward will keep you from making consistent profits. Instead, you must learn how to interpret the correct PATTERN REVERSALS.


 What you really need are accurate patterns (with online training & live market guidance) that get rid of your second-guessing for good.

And not just any indicator.  You need access to tools with live trading education & training that show you exactly where to take “low risk, high reward, high probable trade setups” in advance that show you the correct PATTERN REVERSALS.  


With The NeuroStreet Pattern Finder Software, You’ll Learn About…

 “M” Pattern Reversals

  • Lower High Break Reversals
  • Higher High Break Reversals
  • Equal High Break Reversals
“W” Pattern Reversals
  • Lower Low Break Reversals
  • Higher Low Break Reversals
  • Equal Low Break Reversals


  • Multi-Time Frame Patterns
  • Structure Reversal Recognition
  • Using Patterns for Trade Entry 
  • Using Pattern for timing reversals
  • Scanning global assets for potential patterns
  • Scanning global assets for confirmed patterns

Plus, you also get the Semi Automated Trade System to go with it…


The Pattern Finder System Gives You…

  • Pattern Finder Signal Indicator
  • Easy Access UI (User Interface) for quick trading
  • Long/Short (Buy/Sell) Signals for “M/W” Patterns
  • Reversal trade strategy detector
  • Continuation trade strategy detector
  • System Filters and market structure reset options
  • Custom Trade Plans and Visual Options
  • Custom Risk Management plans for Stops and Targets
  • Scanner integration for scanning global assets

The Pattern Finder System is also a…

  • Semi Auto Trade System
  • Semi Auto Risk Planner
  • Semi Auto Trade Planner
  • Semi Auto Signal Generator

Sounds like Pattern Finder is for you?

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  • You Will Use Advanced Software To Make Trading Easy To Learn And Simple To Apply
  • You Will Receive The Most Comprehensive Live Market Training In The Industry
  • You Will Access To The Most Advanced Delta Force Software Built By The Industry’s Best Programmers
  • You Will Stop Chasing Product Vendors And Learn How To Become consistent
  • You Will Increase Confidence In Your Approach And Abilities
  • You Will Put An End To Second Guessing Your Trading, Your Success And Your Ability To Profit From Trading
  • You Will Follow Rules-Based Trading Environments, While Learning How To Leverage The Data Institutions Use To Trade Against The Retail Public
  • You Will Be A Part Of A Trading Community With Others That Share Your Interest In Which You May Discuss And Learn From Each Other


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complimentary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader  8.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

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