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Macro Profiles – Overview


Are You Struggling to Trade Support And Resistance Using Market & Volume Profile?

You are if you’re using rudimentary volume profile and market profile tools that don’t identify the most important part of the time and volume relationship.  Standard daily profile charts will leave you at a dangerous disadvantage, especially when you don’t have the inside arbitrage data needed to locate true value on Multiple Timeframes.

Conventional Volume profiles only displays participation, which is not enough information to make a trading decision. In addition, only looking at time without volume is also not a sound solution.  We need to have a combination of both and display this synergistic relationship across price to get the true institutional view of the trading auction.

Without this type of trader resources, You end up second guessing your trade decisions without knowing the beating heart of the market, resulting in you entering or exiting trades with too much unnecessary risk. You second guess true balance areas and levels of support/resistance that have merit.   You experience losses or less profit potential than expected because of your lack of accuracy.

    You Fear Your Every Trade Decision Because…

    • You Are Unfamiliar With Reversal Trading Or You Think It Is Dangerous And Does Not Work
    • You Are Nervous About Trading Value Areas Because You Fear You’re too Late With Entries & Exits
    • You Are Unsure Of When To Trade Mean Reversion Based On Statistics
    • You Have Difficulty Knowing The True Daily Auction Used By Institutions
    • You Don’t Know Who You Are trading With Or Against
    • You Are Unsure If You Are On The Right Side Of Supply or Demand
    • You Are Having Trouble Correctly Identifying When To Enter All-In or When To Scale Into Trades.
    • You Have No Way Of Finding Hidden Levels of Arbitrage
    • You Cannot Accurately Predict Where To Trade Trend Reversals or Counter-Trend Reversals
    • You Only See The Reversals AFTER They Happen
    • You Are Not Aware of Multi-Time Frame Profiles
    • You Experience Anxiety From Not Identifying Accurate Profile Confluence


    You Need Tools That Not Only Describe Volume to Price but also Time to Price Transparency.

    Learning support and resistance using profile analysis may not seem easy. Trading reversals can only be accomplished when knowing when and where the market is going to stop and favour price reversals due to an imbalance in price.

    In order to trade reversals consistently well, you need to buy support and sell resistance.  Reversals can be both Trend and Counter-Trend in nature. Reversal trading is also known as “Fading” because you’re always selling the highs and buying the lows. Done correctly is extremely powerful however done incorrectly results in constant battles of loss.

    • The Macro Profiles is the best way to help you identify where to enter the market for both trend and counter trend trading strategies.
    • Successful trading requires accuracy and precision with your entries and exits. Knowing where true value is as well as where the auction process is located will be the defining factor of you reading the market correctly.
    • Proper analysis of mean reversion over multiple timeframes is one of the most important aspects of reading profiles accurately for sound risk management.
    • Locating profile arbitrage for volume and time will accurately locate true areas of value for trading low risk entries.
    • The Macro Profiles removes unnecessary uncertainties and provides you with the accurate levels of volume and time profiles for locating support and resistance. Our tool takes away the biggest problems traders face: Fear and Doubt if their strategy will work?


    Introducing the Macro Profiles.

    The Macro Profiles is a simple yet sophisticated Multi-Timeframe Profile Application. It uses statistical methods of analyzing price, time, volume and value while locating true levels of support and resistance from profile arbitrage.

    The Macro Profiles indicator analyzes price action volume and time using a standard deviation, otherwise known as a bell curve distribution. This is a statistical method of analyzing data that shows you where value has been distributed and where it has not. The most important caveat here is that not all days are the same, not all profiles are the same. Also, there are multiple profiles taking place on multiple time frames simultaneously.

    Our software was built to look at each of these in absolute detail and accuracy.  The added benefit is that unlike standard tools designed for one timeframe, the Macro Profiles was built to produce multiple timeframe analysis on Multi Asset Allocations (Stocks, Futures, Forex) for locating the strongest levels of profile confluence.

    The Macro Profiles Will Allow You To Trade Confidently While…

    • Mastering The Ability To Trade Reversals Properly
    • Identifying Hidden Arbitrage Levels Of Support And Resistance
    • Knowing Where The Price Will Reverse Before It Happens
    • Knowing When To Scale Into Multiple Levels
    • Knowing Exactly Where Institutional Auctions Are Located
    • Knowing Who You Are Trading With Or Against
    • Learning To Plan Your Trades In Advance
    • Avoiding Overtrading With Better Trade Locations
    • Removing Fear and Doubt While Trading Profile Confluence
    • Not Having To Chase After The Market And Let The Market Come To You


    The Macro Profiles Is A Multiple-Timeframe Profile  Tool That Allows You To…

    Learn About MTF Profile Arbitrage Confluence by:

    1. Understanding How To Apply Statistical Deviation To Trading
    2. Understanding How To Analyze Price, Volume & Time Transparency
    3. Learning About the Theory Of Distributions & Relate this to Trade Strategies
    4. Learning How Time Price Opportunity Build Over Time
    5. Learning How Volume Profiles Built Over Time
    6. Learning The 3 Key Distribution Patterns
    7. Understand Singular & Multi-Modal Distributions
    8. Learning The SECRET To Locating MTF ARBITRAGE Support And Resistance And Applying This Strategy To MTF PROFILE CONFLUENCE


    Think The Macro Profiles Is For You? Join Our Next Webinar And Live Trading Room.

    • You Will Learn How To Analyze A Wide Variety Of Markets With The Macro Profiles
    • You Will Be Able To Watch A Market Profile Specialist Split MTF Profiles
    • You Will Learn How To Find Support And Resistance In Global Markets
    • You Will Learn To Track Profile Arbitrage Confluence


      With The NeuroStreet Online Training That Goes With It…

      • You Will Receive The Most Comprehensive Live Market Training In The Industry
      • You Will Master Trend And Counter Trend Trading And Know Exactly Where To Enter In Order To Capitalize On Your Trade
      • You Will Eliminate The Lack Of Trust In Your Strategy
      • You Will Put An End To Second Guessing And Your Ability To Profit From Trading
      • You Will Follow Rules-Based Trading Environments, While Learning How To Leverage The Data That Institutions Use To Trade Against The Retail Public
      • You Will Easily Learn How To Use And Apply Our Advanced Software To Make Trading Easy and Simple
      • You Will Be A Part Of A Trading Community With Others That Share Your Interest In Which You May Discuss And Learn From Each Other
      • You Will Build Trust In Your Ability To Succeed, Make Money And Reach Your Goals

      Commonly Asked Questions:

      Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

      A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

      Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

      A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

      Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

      A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 8.

      Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

      A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

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