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Mastermind Group Coaching Overview

It’s time to live the life you deserve and turn your wish list into a reality…

This is your life, this is your chance, this is your opportunity to take your passion and dreams of becoming a highly successful trader and shifting your paradigms to achieve this success.  Realistically, most traders will never achieve the success they deserve.  It’s not because they are not capable…it goes deeper than that…It’s not because they don’t deserve to win…it goes deeper than that…The real reason is because they are surrounded by themselves and left to their own demise of what they think to be accurate and what they think to be the solutions to the financial markets and their approach to reading the market and trading the market correctly.


You can be like everyone else and settle for what you hope to change and simply wish you can be successful, or you can choose to walk a different path…

What if you could be a part of an elite group of serious traders, who live, breathe and operate 100% in the financial markets?  What if you could be a part of a dynamic trading environment that spends months together going into deep-dive training that only true masters of the markets are exposed to?  What if you took a leap of faith and dove in 150% and committed yourself to righting your financial ship?  How would your life look?

You see, there is only so much that can be learned in a video, an online course, or a chat room that is overwhelmed by different levels of traders.  True masters, surround themselves with like-minded, like disciplined, and devoted professionals on the same journey.  If you research any successful professional in any field that pays well and is considered top tier, you will find a common thread…They are almost always a part of a mastermind program, group, or mentorship environment.  The reason for this is simple….Highly successful people surround themselves in an environment that can produce successful results.


You are in complete control…Your success depends on you, your results depend on you, more importantly, your dreams and vision depend on you…

The most liberating feeling of success is knowing that you are part of a group that promotes winning.  You see, in order to truly get ahead, you must become better at everything you do.  This means, learning more advanced concepts, doing deep-dive training over and over, having professionals guide you in online and live training environments, and more importantly having a private community to communicate with and share your ideas, examples, and action plans to success.


We’re not talking about an online course or public trading room…We’re talking about a Mastermind of traders all on the same mission… 

  • How will you feel when you increase your winning % to a level you have never seen before?
  • How will you feel when you focus on the best trade setups for you and master it?
  • How will you feel when you believe in your trading and discipline?
  • How will you feel when you don’t have to ask for help because you are the professional?
  • How will you feel when you wake up and trade knowing your edge produces results?
  • How will you feel when you realize you were always the answer, not just the tools?
  • How will you feel when you can live your life the way you want as a result of your success?


The answer is obvious, but most people never truly experience this…Until Now!  

  • It’s critical to surround yourself with professionals willing and able to show you the way.
  • It’s important to equip yourself with the correct social network that is supportive to your results not dragging you down
  • It’s crucial to learn advanced skills and deep-dive training over and above the norm.
  • Your life, your results, your passion, and your dreams depend on this!
  • You will be able to trade more efficiently
  • You can trade successfully, profitably, and more consistently
  • You deserve the rewards of putting yourself into action and doing what others won’t!


Introducing Mastermind Group Coaching the Navy Seals of Elite Trading! 

  • The NSTA Mastermind Group Coaching (MMGC) is a 52-week annual group trading program that is designed to take you from novice to expert.
  • The MMGC is a rotating coaching program that delivers deep-dive training on indicators, strategies, and frameworks both online and in live market environments.
  • The MMGC rotates 2 times per year so the training is dynamic and delivers different examples over the course of the year for each training session
  • The MMGC will cover all indicator training, all systems training, all trade management training, and also go over live market examples for each module.
  • You will have the opportunity to be involved in a mastermind community and classroom with only the most serious traders.  No distractions, simply deep dive training that is needed for you to achieve results.
  • The MMGC will provide a private online training program, with private weekly classes held in the afternoon following the trading room.  We will run 1 class each week, with recordings, private live classes, and a community chat room for only Mastermind Members.
  • You will be able to communicate live with instructors and also communicate with other Mastermind traders.
  • You will have access to all private video recordings, resources, and program deliverable only privy to mastermind traders.
  • You will also have access to instructor communications so you can email and ask questions pertaining to the Private Training only available in the MMGC.


The purpose of the MMGC (Mastermind Group Coaching) program is to do for others what they can’t do on their own!


Below is a list of what you can expect inside the MMGC Coaching Curriculum.  We extend and deliver more advanced training that is not available to our online programs and live trading rooms.  Each lesson will include (live classes, private group recordings, and member-only access to MMGC community discussions on the following topics):

  1. Multiple Timeframes & Conversions
  2. Price & Structures
  3. Auction Market Theory
  4. Wave Structure Theory
  5. Market & Volume Profile Basics
  6. Market Profile vs Volume Profile
  7. Profile Patterns (Multi vs Single Distributions)
  8. Splitting & Merging Profiles
  9. Arbitrage Support & Resistance
  10. MTF (Multi-Timeframe) Profiles
  11. Profile Composites (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  12. Supply and Demand Overview
  13. Volume Quant Filters & Trade Plan
  14. Fibonacci Confluence
  15. VMSystem Overview (Momentum/Divergence/OBOS)
  16. Orderflow
  17. Micro Volume
  18. Frequency Ratios & Fibonacci Patterns
  19. Main Strategy Framework
  20. Directional Trend Strategy
  21. Non Directional Levels Reversal Strategy
  22. Frequencies Ratio Strategy
  23. Entry Patterns (1st Touch vs Confirmation) All 4
  24. Stops & Targets Tight vs Loose Management
  25. Risk and Reward Overview
  26. Money Mgmt Overview
  27. Creating A Trading Plan
  28. Skill Development & Practice


Finally An Opportunity To Achieve The Success You We’re Dreaming Of When You First Started…

To achieve the results of a mastermind trader, you must do what mastermind traders do… Act on the most important decisions and get to work!  Results come from those prepared and involved on an active basis.  NSTA and the MMGC salutes you to becoming a Navy Seals of the Financial Markets!



Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the purchase include software?

A: No, this is group education- Software is additional. 

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is a 1 year membership purchase. You will not auto-renew, if you wish to join again after your year you can do so again. 

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: This program covers all platforms our tools are compatible with.  

Q: Is this different from the trade room and online education program?

A: Yes. This is a Mastermind program with live private coaching classes, a private online members area with MMGC videos, and a private MMGC trader community for group chat.  

Q: Will this be more effective than the self-study only program and trade room?

A: This is not to replace but to enhance.  The training is more advanced and will add and enhance the lessons reflected in the videos and trade room.

Q: Can I speak to someone prior to purchasing?

A: Yes, please email us here and we will schedule a call.  [email protected] 


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$3,600 USD /  $2,880 USD

(1 Year Membership)


Doesn't sound like the solution to the trading riddle you’ve been looking for?

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