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NS_RenkoBXT The RenkoBXT is a backtestable Renko bar. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_FullRangeBars This modified range bar operates similar to the standard range bars. Price will close at either the high or low of the bar. The main difference with the “Full Range” aspect is that we have modified the bars to eliminate the gap between the (close and open) of each price bar. This allows for a more transparent view of price.NT 7 & NT 8 NT 7 & NT 8
NS_BarCloseMarker This indicator helps display where the bar will close (either at its highs or lows) when using the NS_FullRange bars. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_Leaders_Laggers This indicator is used to identify market correlation based on % change. We use this to identify strength and weakness between correlated and non-correlated assets. This can be useful when looking at market selection. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_RolloversGuide One of the constant struggles with futures traders is knowing when to roll over your contracts to the “Front Month” contract with the most volume. This indicator will display when to roll over your contracts to help you avoid unhealthy trading conditions on the wrong contract. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_ToolbarShortcut The toolbar shortcut indicator is a simple free drawing tool used for easy and fast charting and analysis. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_TrailingStopsAndTargets NS_TrailingStopsAndTargets is a dynamic trade mgmt tool used for stops and targets. It is calculated based on the ATR.  NT 8
NS_CriticalAverages The NS_CriticalAverages indicator is a daily range detection that identifies the average daily range as well as the forecasted average daily open/close. NT 7 & NT 8
NS_InsideOutsideDay NS_InsideOutsideDay (a custom MarketAnalyzer Column) is a quick and easy way to know when the current market price is trading inside of yesterdays range, or outside of yesterdays range. Important when you want to know the current trend state. NT 8
NS_ATR Forecaster NS_ATR Forecaster plots the maximum daily ATR over the last x-number of days so you know where todays range is in relation to that max historical ATR. And you get the average daily ATR over the last x-number of days as well. NT 8
NS_ATR TrailingStop NS_ATR TrailingStop is a quick way to determine both the trend and the price level of your trailing stop NT 8