Fractal Analytics Overview


What If You Could Time The Markets For Bigger Profits with Increased Accuracy?

Is there anything worse than trading blind and constantly being at the mercy of the markets? Combine bad timing with zero market insights and you are cruising for a very expensive bruising. You find yourself agonizing over every bad trade and missed an opportunity.

But, how do you know which time frames to use with your strategy? How can you accurately test time frames… or predict when market changes dictate a change in your plan?


Why Most Traders Market Timing Strategies Don’t Work.

When the market keeps weaving and bobbing, forcing you to hit multiple moving targets blindfolded, your primal instincts to keep from being knocked out kick in. Unfortunately, for most traders, these market survival ‘instincts’ often make matters worse.

  • You try to guess what time frames will work best with current market changes and conditions.
  • You try to manually test and convert your linear time frames to non-linear time frames.
  • You blindly plunge into the markets without using volume- or volatility-based time frames.
  • You double your frustration by trying to use multiple time frames with your strategy.
  • And timing is damned! You keep trying to force your trading to work on incorrect timeframes.

Makes sense, right? Your instincts say this will work — except it doesn’t. After guessing and testing and trying and retrying, you’re still missing huge money opportunities and completely lost for answers.


And Then You Find Yourself Doing What Every Trader Despises…

You second guess your strategy and start doubling down in a panic. Doubts set in about your abilities and why you even became a trader. Before you know it all what you’re really doing is…

  • Guessing what time frames to use and when to test and use them.
  • Guessing if your manual time frame calculations will even work.

Unfortunately, the more you guess the more you lose. That is unless you find a strategic way to see markets from a brand new perspective.


Introducing The Fractal Analytics Service…

Finally, you have a tool to help accurately identify and test the correct time frames to trade. The Fractal Analytics Service:

  • Quickly converts linear (time-based charts) to non-linear (volume/volatility-based charts) – giving you the correct chart time frame based on market conditions (not static data).
  • Easily identifies multiple time frame conversions – helping you combine and use the correct multiple time frames based on statistics (and not guessing).
  • Provides conversions for Stocks, Futures & Forex – Helping you allow for multiple asset conversions if you trade both types of markets.
  • Identifies what time frame to create your trading strategies around based on your type and preference to market speed.


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What trading platform is this software compatible with?

A: This is a Converter Service and does not require any software to be downloaded.  It is hosted directly on our website for fast and easy use.


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