Delta Force Overview 

Are you tired of watching big trades take off without you knowing the institutions are leaving Orderflow and Volume clues for you to get in?

You are if you can’t see DELTA ORDERFLOW & VOLUME IMPACT inside your price bars. That’s because institutions know your lagging price-based indicators blind you to their market data clues.  The end result, you miss trades that were a sure thing based on the data the big boys leave behind.


How Can You Tell You’re Being Tricked On Nearly Every Trade By The Big Players?

  • You have no way to spot Net Bar Orderflow Delta Impact
  • You trade when delta is insignificant
  • You execute when volume is not significant
  • You have no way to tell when orderflow matters compared to other bars
  • You chase incorrect orderflow data
  • You focus on order flow and volume that doesn’t matter
  • You miss key trades because you can’t see the clues at the right time
  • You guess where low risk entries should be
  • You enter levels with too much risk and not enough reward.


Is It Really Possible To Use Orderflow Delta and Win Against the Smart Money?

Yes, as long as you have a way to see the NET DELTA IMPACT Combined with VOLUME IMPACT to complete true DSA (DELTA SPREAD ANALYSIS)


The Easiest Way Possible To See Clues In Orderflow & Volume.

  • You will quickly measure the impact of the Delta
  • You will easily see the depth of volume and when it really matters
  • You will verify when Delta and Volume work together and why this is critical
  • You will have a combined view of DSA (Delta Spread Analysis)
  • You will know when the big boys are stepping in and getting out
  • You will see when to enter and why based on Delta and Volume Impact
  • You will have visual price for on-the-fly speedy trade execution 


BUT WAIT…This Isn’t Enough…Orderflow and Volume without the FORCE of the market is rendered useless at best.

Reading the FORCE of the market can often be frustrating in your trading!

Trying to figure how to read momentum accurately in your day trading is not an easy task. How do you identify immediate versus long-term momentum? How do you manage trades when momentum goes against you? Is momentum strong enough in your favor to let winners run to produce larger profits? Is the market faking you out when momentum shifts? How in the heck do you know?  


Instead of putting this heavy burden on you…We built an internal 2-In-1 HYBRID (Momentum/Cumulative Delta) engine to feed the Volume Driven Trade Signals. 


You no longer have to…

  • Guess when momentum is with you or against you.
  • Guess when momentum lines up with delta
  • Guess when momentum supports low and high volume
  • Guess when momentum in on your side or not
  • Guess when momentum is strong or weak for entry
  • Guess when momentum force is immediate or continuing for trade signals
  • Guess when to enter fast or slow
  • Guess when to exit quick or let the trade run for larger profits.

Plus, You no longer have to…

  • Guess when cumulative delta is with you or against you.
  • Guess when cumulative delta supports low and high volume
  • Guess when cumulative delta in on your side or not
  • Guess when cumulative delta is strong or weak for entry
  • Guess when to enter fast or slow
  • Guess when to exit quick or let the trade run for larger profits.


FINALLY…A Trading System Signal Generator that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing Delta Force: The Easiest Way To Trade Smart Money Orderflow/Delta Signals Coupled with The FORCE of the market.


The Delta Force System Gives You…

  • 2 in 1 System (Momentum Driven/Cumulative Delta Driven)
  • Delta Force Signal Indicator
  • Delta Force Momentum/Delta Oscillator 
  • Easy Access UI (User Interface) for quick trading
  • Long/Short (Buy/Sell) Delta Momentum trade signals
  • Reversal Delta Momentum trade signals
  • Continuation Delta Momentum trade signals
  • System Filters and Momentum reset options
  • Custom Trade Plans and VIsual Options
  • Custom Risk Management plans for Stops and Targets
  • Visual Delta Force Price Bars
  • Visual Delta Force Volume Heatmap

The Delta Force System is also a…

  • Semi Auto Trade System
  • Semi Auto Risk Planner
  • Semi Auto Trade Planner
  • Semi Auto Signal Generator

When you combine the Clues of the Smart Money and the velocity of the market, you get DELTA FORCE… An All-In-One Delta Volume and Momentum Signal System.


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    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

    A:Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

    Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

    A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

    Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

    A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 8.

    Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

    A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase


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