Delta Algo

“Where Trend & Momentum Meet Automated Orderflow”

Tired of missing out on huge trend trades because you can’t see the major Orderflow clues being left behind by large institutions?

Institutions know your lagging price-based indicators blind you to their market data clues.  The end result, you miss trades that were a sure thing based on the data the big boys leave behind because you can’t see DELTA ORDERFLOW inside your price bars.

Better yet, wouldn’t it be best to automate them so you never miss a huge trend trade when orderflow and momentum is on your side?

You see, human traders (A.K.A Retail) can only do so much.  When the market is fast and ripe for the picking, the biggest trades take place and this is why so many retail traders miss the best trades.  Now, you can put this frustration behind you as we provide an algo solution that solves this problem once and for all.

How Can You Tell You’re Being Tricked On Nearly Every Trade By The Big Players?

  • You have no way to spot Orderflow Delta at the right moment
  • You trade when delta is insignificant
  • You execute when volume is not significant
  • You have no way to tell when orderflow matters compared to other bars
  • You chase incorrect orderflow data in trends and pullbacks
  • You focus on order flow and volume that doesn’t matter
  • You miss key trades because you can’t see the clues at the right time
  • You guess where low risk entries should be
  • You enter levels with too much risk and not enough reward

Is It Really Possible To Use Orderflow Delta and Win Against the Smart Money?

Yes, as long as you have a way to see the NET DELTA Combined with TREND & MOMENTUM CONFLUENCE so you can turn your algo on, and let the robot trade for the best opportunity, the best fills ensuring you never miss a trade when the iron is hot!

The Easiest Way Possible To See Clues In Orderflow Delta.

  • You will quickly measure the impact of the Delta on trends and pullbacks
  • You will verify when Delta, trend and momentum work together and why
  • You will have a combined solution for delta and the strength of the print
  • You will know when the big boys are stepping in and getting out
  • You will see when to enter and why based on Delta, trend and momentum
  • You will engage in the best momentum pullbacks based on orderflow data
  • You will have a visual price for on-the-fly speedy trade execution and rely on the algo to always enter at the right place and the right time so you always catch the big runner trades

BUT WAIT… This Isn’t Enough… Orderflow without the MOMENTUM of the market is rendered useless at best.

Reading the MOMENTUM of the market can often be frustrating in your trading!

Trying to figure out how to read momentum accurately in your day trading is not an easy task. How do you identify immediate versus long-term momentum? How do you manage trades when momentum goes against you? Is momentum strong enough in your favor to let winners run to produce larger profits? Is the market faking you out when momentum shifts? How in the heck do you know?  Don’t worry, the NS_DeltaAlgo has this built in so you can trust the system and rely on the algo.

You no longer have to…

  • Guess when momentum is with you or against you.
  • Guess when momentum lines up with delta
  • Guess when momentum supports low and high volume
  • Guess when momentum is on your side or not
  • Guess when momentum is strong or weak for entry
  • Guess when to enter fast or slow
  • Guess when to exit quickly or let the trade run for larger profits.
  • Guess when to filter trades for the best opportunities

Plus, you no longer have to…

  • Guess when orderflow delta is with you or against you.
  • Guess when orderflow delta supports low and high volume
  • Guess when orderflow delta in on your side or not
  • Guess when orderflow delta is strong or weak for entry
  • Guess when to enter fast or slow markets
  • Guess when to exit quickly or let the trade run for larger profits

FINALLY… An Automated Trading System that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing DELTA ALGO: The Easiest Way To Trade Smart Money Orderflow, Trends & Momentum!

You see, choosing to use an automated trading system is not just about purchasing a new toolset, it’s literally an automated income generating machine and should be treated with the utmost due diligence.  This is where NSTA Raises the bar!

Why Choose & Trust NSTA Algos?

  1. Built by industry experts coders
  2. Algo is built for trading, testing & optimization
  3. Trade the way you want – scalping, day trading and intraday swing trades
  4. Applicable on all markets (Stocks, Futures, FX & Cryptocurrencies)
  5. Performance stress tested on different risk parameters
  6. Built for use on custom bars (to accommodate back testable real fills)
  7. Fully automated trading & customizable back testing
  8. Trend & Pullback Logic
  9. Bar direction & Reversal Logic
  10. Momentum & Confluence Logic
  11. Orderflow & Delta Logic
  12. Renko Logic dictates risk thresholds on pullback entries
  13. Management & Trade Plans (stops, targets, qty, trails, break-evens)
  14. Filters, Blockers, High Watermarks. Risk/Reward & Money Management
  15. Full Custom PnL display with Equity Curve
  16. Built-in – indicators & trading applications
  17. NT8 (Ongoing builds supported in NT8)
  18. Can build out parameters, test, optimize MFE/MAE & then deploy

You see, when it comes to automated trading, the core of the system needs to be simple, effective and relevant.  Auto traders need to be used, monitored and adjusted when the following occurs:

  1. Market volume changes
  2. Market volatility changes
  3. The market behaviour of your asset changes

This is exactly how we designed the NS_Delta_Algo.  Not only can we accommodate these requirements, we have taken it one step further.  We provide the exact fractals, bar sizes and risk parameters for each market so that you can simply load the software, set the risk and money management parameters and then run your backtests and start trading.









Sounds like Delta_Algo is for you?

  • You Will Use Advanced Software To Make Trading Easy To Learn And Simple To Apply
  • You Will Receive The Most Comprehensive Live Market Training In The Industry
  • You Will Access To The Most Advanced Delta_Algo Software Built By The Industry’s Best Programmers
  • You Will Stop Chasing Product Vendors And Learn How To Become consistent
  • You Will Increase Confidence In Your Approach And Abilities
  • You Will Put An End To Second Guessing Your Trading, Your Success And Your Ability To Profit From Trading
  • You Will Follow Rules-Based Trading Environments, While Learning How To Leverage The Data Institutions Use To Trade Against The Retail Public
  • You Will Be A Part Of A Trading Community With Others That Share Your Interest In Which You May Discuss And Learn From Each Other

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