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1 on 1 Shadow Trading

The purpose of the NeuroStreet Legacy Coaching Program is to do for others what they are struggling to do for themselves. People learn in different ways. Some people learn best on their own. Some people learn best in a group environment, while others need to be mentored independently.

Watch A Legacy Student

Let’s Put This Into Perspective…

People work their entire lives to save money… Then turn around and lose all of it to trading! We all have the best of intentions… However, the markets are not like any other job, industry or career path, and should not be treated as such. Every day is different. We have no guarantee of success and we have absolutely no control over the market…

All we have control over is our ability to manage risk and trade our strategy…

So, let’s rehash the need for personal coaching…

You may have a lot of trading knowledge, however, you still could be seriously struggling.

You possess the willingness, commitment and drive to succeed but still can’t seem to figure out why you are not getting ahead?

What’s The Solution?

This is the entire focus of the Legacy Coaching Program. To work with traders who have our systems, strategies and trading knowledge however need the extra help of an experienced trader, educator and coach who is familiar with the trading systems, software and has the ability to strip away all your trading baggage and help you break free of what’s holding you back in a personal one on one training environment.

Sound like something that could be of interest to you? NOT SO FAST….

In order to properly serve and actually help produce results, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on both sides…As a trader, you will be required to do the work. As a coach, we will need to take you through a coaching framework that helps get rid of all the stuff that isn’t working while putting you on the correct path.

The Legacy Framework Consists of 4 Phases

Onboarding Phase

  1. Contract Signing/Payment
  2. Goals/Needs Assessment
  3. Sheduling/Availability
  4. Reverse Engineering Income
  5. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Trading Targets
  6. Construct 12-Week Framework

Lesson/Coaching Phase

  1. Education Lesson Overview
  2. 1 on 1 Video Coaching Sessions
  3. Strengths & Weakness Assessment
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Defining Strategy Focus

Application Phase

  1. Trade Plan Creation (all 3 Pillars)
  2. Risk Management Planning
  3. Money Management Planning
  4. Drawdown Management Planning
  5. Daily Targets & Objectives
  6. Homework & Business Prep

Shadow Trading

  1. One on One Trading With Instructor
  2. SIM to LIVE Trading Prep
  3. Live Trading (Once Performance Ready)
  4. Review, Study & Ongoing Maintenance
  5. Progression to Trading LIVE Account
  6. Progression to Trade for Prop Firm

What is Shadow Trading?

When the coach watches you trade 1 on 1, while looking over your shoulder and screen during live markets. (Picture this)…It’s having an experience trader spend their entire focus on you. Your trades, your rules, your discipline, your strategy, your markets….the focus is YOU!!! No trade room no distractions and only focused results on your success!!!

After shadow trading, the trader/student will trust their strategy, their skill and their confidence to produce consistently through continued application of their skill sets acquired through advance mentorship.

Our current trader success rate is over 75% with students who have graduated from the Legacy Program.