The purpose of the NeuroStreet Legacy Coaching Program is to do for others what they are struggling to do for themselves. People learn in different ways. Some people learn best on their own. Some people learn best in a group environment, while others need to be mentored independently.

In terms of financial trading, the success rate is at most 20%…this means there is an 80% chance of struggle or failure.

Let’s put this into perspective…

People work their entire lives to save money… Then turn around and lose all of it to trading!

Sound familiar?  Your not alone!

The truth is, everyone has the same goals and ambitions:

  1. Make money consistently
  2. Protect capital and draw-downs
  3. Grow wealth bucket
  4. Time freedom
  5. Running your own business and being your own boss
  6. Traveling the world with a transferable business model
  7. Passion for the markets and trading industry
  8. Trusting your strategy & trading system
  9. Believing in yourself and your ability to produce consistent income
  10. Not second guessing everything you do in the markets

The list goes on….

Actually, we all have the best of intentions…However, the markets are not like any other job, industry or career path, and should not be treated as such. Every day is different. We have no guarantee of success and we have absolutely no control over the market…

All we have control over is our ability to manage risk and trade our strategy…

So, let’s rehash the need for personal coaching…

You may have a lot of trading knowledge, however, you still could be seriously struggling.

You possess the willingness, commitment and drive to succeed but still can’t seem to figure out why your not getting ahead?


Perhaps some of these ring true for you?

  1. Cant follow your rules
  2. Over trading
  3. Trading to many markets
  4. Trading too many systems
  5. Aren’t producing consistent winning days
  6. Losses are larger than wins
  7. Can’t follow along in the trade room
  8. Learn better with a 1 on 1 environment
  9. Focus better with direct feedback
  10. Everything makes sense except when your trading alone

This list also could go on….


So What’s the solution?

This is the entire focus of the Legacy Coaching Program. To work with traders who have our systems, strategies and trading knowledge however need the extra help of an experienced trader, educator and coach who is familiar with the trading systems, software and has the ability to strip away all your trading baggage and help you break free of what’s holding you back in a personal one on one training environment.

Sound like something that could be of interest to you? NOT SO FAST….

In order to properly serve and actually help produce results, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on both sides…As a trader, you will be required to do the work. As a coach, we will need to take you through a coaching framework that helps get rid of all the stuff that isn’t working while putting you on the correct path.


The Legacy Coaching Framework Consists of 4 Phases:


  1. Onboarding Phase:
    1. Contract Signing/Payment
    2. Goals/Needs Assessment
    3. Scheduling/Availability 
  2. Lesson/Coaching Phase:
    1. Education lesson overview (Dependent on Strategy Focus)
    2. 1 on 1 Video Coaching Sessions
    3. Strengths & Weakness Assessment
    4. Troubleshooting
    5. Problem Solving
    6. Defining Strategy Focus & Signature Trades 
  3. Application Phase:
    1. Trade Plan Creation (all 3 Pillars)
    2. Risk Management Planning
    3. Money Management Planning
    4. Drawdown Management Planning
    5. Daily Targets & Objectives
    6. Homework & Business Prep
  4. Trading Phase (SIM to LIVE):
    1. Bar by Bar Analysis
    2. Replay Trading
    3. Sim Trading
    4. Live Trading (Once Performance Ready)
    5. Review, Study & Ongoing Maintenance


Shadow trading is when the coach watches you trade, while looking over your shoulder and screen during live markets. Picture this…It’s almost like your running your own trading room telling the instructor how you are about to trade and why! This is a very personalized experienced and is the most in depth way to advance as a trader!

Once all phases are complete, both the student and coach will have developed a deeper understanding towards the clients personal strengths & weaknesses, as well as trading strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, a solution based process will be created and implemented towards application of the new trading plan and objectives to hit daily targets and long term trading goals.

In conclusion, the objective is to see the trader advance at a level of professional skill that was far greater than when they started the 1 on 1 process. More importantly, develop the ability to trust their strategy, their skill and their confidence to produce consistently through continued application of their skill sets acquired through advance mentorship.

If you feel like the Legacy Coaching Program is what you have been searching for, here is how we break down the process:

12-week program Consists of:

  • 24 hours of 1 on 1 coaching
  • All phases on the Legacy Coaching Framework:
    • Phase 1 – Onboarding
    • Phase 2 – Lessons & Learning
    • Phase 3 – Application & Practice
    • Phase 4 – Trading and Sim to Live Process
  • Plus – 1 on 1 Shadow Trading with Instructor
  • Online Cloud Based FIle Sharing
  • Online Recordings of Each Session
  • Homework, Trade Evaluation and Feedback
Before you can purchase we require you to fill out our Legacy Coaching Applications Form by clicking the button below.
Once we receive your application to our Legacy Coaching Program you will receive a follow-up email to book time for the application approval and onboarding phase to discuss the following: 
  • Application Form Responses & Approval
  • Questions and Special Circumstances
  • Contract Signing/Payment
  • Goals/Needs Assessment
  • Scheduling/Availability
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Please do not apply unless you are very serious about pursuing this. 
We only accept a few clients each quarter!


To qualify for enrollment,

  • You currently are a member of our live trade room OR have been a member in the past.
  • You own some of NSTA Software or be willing to purchase the core system bundle

The reason for this is to ensure you are using the core tools we trade with an have been exposed to the basics of what we do, how we trade and how we can help you expand on our core system and model.

If you have been a member of the trade room but don’t have all the software and would like to still participate in the Legacy Coaching because you strongly need our help, please email us [email protected] and we can provide you with a package deal for you to save across both purchases.