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Where Do You Start??


 Are you new to day trading, and wondering how to get started?

So you want to become a day trader but everyone is talking so much technical jargon that everything became confusing. It doesn’t have to be! Here at NeuroStreet Trading Academy, we understand you. All of us started somewhere different, so we created a step-by-step easy guide to teach you how to get started as a day trader with NSTA.

Step # 1 ( Education)


Becoming a day trader is learning a money-making skill for life.  NSTA’s Futures Trade Room Access has everything you need to become successful.

This educational platform is a 3 in 1 online program!

  1. Live Trade Room + Recordings
  2. Online day trading education course
  3. Online strategies course


Our Futures Trade Room Access helps you:

  1. Learn at your own pace by watching the pre-recorded video courses from the comfort of your own computer or tablet. 
  2. Join our live trade room to put in practice what you learned in the courses. Interact and ask questions to the instructor and other students, and watch trades taking place. 
  3. Learn our proven winning strategies and master the one that best fits your style.



3 In 1 Membership

Step # 2 (Platform & Broker)


 In order to trade you will need to set up an account with a platform and broker.  At NSTA, we use NinjaTrader 8 as our main platform for all of our software. (Please note we do have some software coded for TradeStation


 Contact NinjaTrader and open an account HERE

  • Account Type = Futures
  • (Can also be used on Stocks and Forex) 
NinjaTrader Training

Lots of training is available for free directly from NT.


Canadians will NOT be able to use the brokers recommended by NinjaTrader. You can set up a broker separate and have it linked to your NT account.

One option is Global Futures:

Email: GFF Brokers [email protected]

Toll Free: 1-877-367-3177   Intl: 1-818-510-4590

Once you have your broker set up please contact NinjaTrader support to link your two accounts together.



Step # 3 (Data Feed)


  • This is how you receive data from the exchange. It provides you with real-time and historical data right to your charts.
  • You will be able to access a FREE demo for market data when you download NinjaTrader. Once your demo expires, you need to purchase an active data plan.
  • Options include: (Continuum, CQG or Kinetic).  



Step # 4 Software (Indicators) 


  • Using advanced indicators provides many advantages. Our software can provide you with Buy & Sell opportunities, Market Patterns, show you alerts and areas of interest. Having the right tools to do your job is important!

  • At NSTA we have a main set of software that is being used in our live trade room daily along with many add-on’s available for you.

  • Not a member yet sign up HERE


Step # 5 Start Trading (Simulation Account)

We encourage our students to trade a simulated account until they have demonstrated consistency and are comfortable trading live cash.

Learn More HERE



Step # 6 Live Trading Options

You have two options once you decide to trade live.

  1.  Trade your own account
  2. Work with one of our funding partners and trade for a prop firm. Partners Listed HERE

NSTA has partnerships with different funding companies to be able to offer our customers a discount. 


Have Questions, Need help?


Email us: [email protected]




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