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Cutting Edge Indicators Plus World Class Education

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  • 40+ Cutting Edge Indicators & Add-ons
  • 90+ Hours of World Class Trading Education
  • Dozens of High Probability Trading Strategies
  • Access to LIVE Trade Rooms 4 days / week
  • Access to Discord Community Chat Rooms
  • Resources, Workspaces, and Remote Install Support

We Pick the Trades So You Can Live Your Life

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  • Portfolio Coverage on ALL Asset Classes
  • Stocks | Options | Futures | Forex | Crypto
  • Instant Trade Alerts
  • Full Swing Trade Plans Including Entry, Stops, and Multiple Targets
  • Detailed Training on The Full Trading System
  • Trade Analysis and Screenshots Before and After

Brain Training Software to Keep Your Mind as Sharp as Ever

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  • Perceptual Cognitive Training System
  • Enhances Focus, Response Time, and Comprehension
  • Helps Reduce Risk, Impulsivity, and Mental Fatigue
  • Backed by Proven Science
  • Usage & Settings Training Videos
  • Tips & Tricks Guide

Trade Plan Creation Plus Mentoring for Serious Traders

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  • Trade Plan Creation Start to Finish
  • Money Management Planning
  • In Depth Strategy Training
  • Trade Review and Optimization
  • Trade Log Review
  • Access to Experienced Trading Instructors