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Imagine how it will feel to finally have consistent trading profits day after day, week after week, month after month!

Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you… all committed to achieving a complete understanding of how markets, indicators & strategies, work on your trading charts.

Just like you, these people want to make a consistent income trading, they want to enter and exit high probability trades that have proven to produce income consistently in the past.
Some of them want to be a part of a community of professional traders all trading the same methods, strategies and markets while expanding on passion for trading and making money.
And many of them want to travel the world, create a legacy for themselves and their families due to the hard work that paid off while learning a money making skill set for life!

So if you’re new to trading and you’re lacking a foundation and a learning path, or you already know a few things but have always sensed that you’re missing out by not understanding how it all fits together, NeuroStreets Trade Room Access can help.

Global Futures Trade Room…

Our approach to trading allows traders the ability to trade different entry types using the same AOI’s.  If you are an intraday swing trader you can trade the levels.  If you are a scalper/day trader, you can use the Orderflow timing charts to trade the same levels. Our Strategy will fit your style.

Our trade room accommodates traders with Small OR Large account size, people trading in Sim or live, or looking to just get started.


Our Core Strategy Follows These Easy 4 Steps:

  • Step#1: Prep for Trading – Load Software / HTF & STF Levels / Daily Range / ID-OD
    • What is the overall bias?
    • What is my expected range?
  • Step#2: Determine Entry Strategy – AOI’s / Macro Profiles / SDV /Fibs
    • Where can I trade?
    • Why am I planning these trades?
  • Step #3: Trade Management – Entry / Stop / Targets / R:R / Timing / Correlation
    • How do I trade?
    • Is my trade pre-planned?
    • 1st touch or confirmation entry
  • Step #4 Journal & Repeat – Review / Study / Improve / Repeat
    • When do I log my trades
    • How can I improve?


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