We may not have a crystal ball, but it’s surely the next best thing

Predicting the future of price action and direction in the markets is one of the most sought after yet most failed upon task by retail traders.  We’ve all heard the term “Leading vs Lagging” right?  Of course!  Well we have now made this failure a thing of the past.

The hunt for Leading Information…

The frustration for traders happens when we cant detect

  • Future trend direction
  • Future price reversals
  • Future bias changes 


So what happens next? You guessed it: You guess.

The only thing trader end up doing is

  • Guessing on lagging oscillators
  • Guessing when they will actually work for trends
  • Guessing when proper reversals will happen with overbought and oversold momentum conditions
  • Guessing when to change directional bias
  • Guessing if your read on the market is accurate
  • Guessing if your trade has potential when lagging data harms your trades.


The dreaded Why Me?….Creeps In!

With all that guessing, you never really have confidence that you are making the right decisions in your trading. You never know if your tools or strategy are truly working. Your trading around entries and exits along with trade management becomes even more daunting. You start to doubt your ability to succeed.  


The tool that (finally) sheds light on the leading vs lagging black hole.

What you really need, is a tool that allows you to use any of the main trend and reversal oscillators with confidence.  A tool that takes all your oscillators and turns them into leading indicators.  A tool that detects future trends, reversals and directional bias changes.  Empowering you to see into the future based on mathematical and statistical evidence.

Introducing the Cycle Forecaster…

Finally, an oscillator add-on that turns your lagging indicators into crystal balls!

  • The Cycle Forecaster allows you to use all the main oscillators into one toolset
  • The Cycle Forecaster turns all your oscillators into predictive trading indicators.
  • The Cycle Forecaster uses mathematical and statistical cycles to predict trends, reversals and major changes in the market direction.
  • The Cycle Forecaster turns lagging indicators into leading assets
  • The Cycle Forecaster produces trade signals and market bias cycle changes all in one user interface.
  • The Cycle Forecaster is an all in one solution for trend and reversal traders.
  • The Cycle Forecaster is like a time machine into the future because we use mathematical cycles to predict the future based on proven data.

Wait, That’s Not All…


With the Cycle Forecaster, You’ll Learn About…

  • When conditions are adequate for taking high probability trades
  • When you can expect a change in market direction
  • When to take momentum trades vs trend trade vs reversals
  • When to enter with confidence vs pass on trade setups
  • When to forecast specific turning points based on cycles 
  • When to take a trade signal or use if for HTF condition changes
  • When to be aggressive vs conservative so you don’t miss opportunities.
  • When to trade and when to wait so you can have the foresight to see ahead


With the Cycle Forecaster, You’ll Benefit From…

  • A tool that turns lagging indicators into leading assets
  • A tool that allows you to use multiple oscillators all in one
  • A tool that predicts direction and reversals for entries and bias
  • A tool that puts you at the top 5% of professional traders and gets results


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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Does the software come with education on how to use it?

A: Yes, the indicator comes with a complementary suite of training and education videos.

Q: Is this a subscription or a one-time purchase?

A: This is strictly a one-time purchase only. We will not bill your credit card again.

Q: What trading platform is this software available for?

A: The indicator is currently available for NinjaTrader 8.

Q: Do I get any instructions on how to use the software?

A: Yes, we provide a very comprehensive user manual with your purchase

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$1,995 USD / $,1495 USD

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