Our primary focus is based on the Institutional Auction.  We teach using Market Profile and Volume Profile to map out key levels so we always know what the BIG BOYS are doing each day.


We demonstrate using Orderflow, Volume, and Momentum analysis to manage low risk trades on smaller time frames. We show you how to enter and exit trades using Print and Volume techniques for market timing. We scan market conditions for the best strategy focus each day.


We also illustrate how to plan trades in advance for sound risk, money and trade management.

Our Primary Focus for teaching traders how to succeed is simple…


We scan the markets each day for the proper conditions so we always know if we want to trade the following 3 types of strategies:

  • Reversal Strategies

  • Trend Strategies

  • Momentum Strategies

We always have the proper trade setups for the proper market conditions.  You will always know when you should be trading reversals, riding big trends or scalping momentum based on each daily market persona.

The main objective is that you always know in advance where your trades are taking place, how to trade them and why they are high probability low risk opportunities. 




Top Down Trading Process (Strategy Framework)


  5 Software Components Included In Package


 Macro Profiles –Institutional Auction & Key Levels 


Delta Force- Delta/Volume/Momentum Analysis for Trade Management  


Print Profiler – Print and Volume Analysis for Timing Entries & Exits


ATRCurve – Market Volatility & Condition Scanner


Easy Trader- Risk Management, Trade Management, Money Management 



* Annual Maintenance Fee applies to purchase: Annual maintenance fee supports software updates and code/bug fixes, plus email and remote support throughout the year. Maintenance fee charged initially at time of purchase, then automatically re-billed annually.*

Each Software Also Comes With…

  • Installation for 2PC’s  (Have it on both your desktop & your laptop)
  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Usage & Settings Training Videos
  • Email, phone & remote PC support
  • Code bug fixed and updates
  • Available on NT8



Free 3 In 1 Trade Room Membership

  • Live classes + Online Course + Strategies Course 40 + Videos
  • 3 Month Access

3 eBooks

  • Free 4-Step Trading Manual
  • Getting Started As A Futures Day Trader
  • The Power Of Multiple Time Frame Profiles


Pre-Built Chart Templates & Workspaces

  • Have your charts match the instructor


Free Fast Track On Boarding Call

  • With a qualified trading expert.


Remote Support Installation

  • Our head of support will dial into your computer and help install all the software for you!




Valued at $7,416


Package Pricing  $5,325


 Save $2,091

(When you bundle and buy all 5)
  • If you are interested in system add-ons you can visit HERE as many of you like to add and remove different indicators based on your trading style.
  • We also use several FREE indicators and Bartypes for alternative trading solutions.  You can download them for free HERE
  • If you own any of the software already and looking to complete the bundle simply you can email us for support.


Have questions?  Email us.. [email protected]



At NeuroStreet Trading Academy we have traders helping traders to become successful. At any time you have questions about our software or want to book a demo we have qualified traders waiting to help you.