When choosing a career path, going to school or changing professions, we are often left with life changing decisions. These decisions are often misled by information that is outdated and inaccurate. NSTA has its own perspective on this and we are here to break down the difference between going to University or College vs becoming a profitable day trader.

The truth is: A secondary degree is expensive, and the majority of students are left with huge debt and no secure opportunities as soon as they graduate. Besides, many would assume that in order to become a trader or to make such shift in your career later in life, one would have to earn another degree. The reality is much different, trading is probably the most cost effective solution, and the one with the best chances of a high return.


  • Lots of theory
  • Very expensive
  • Loads of student debt
  • Less hands on experience or work placement
  • Less employment post study (industry stats)


  • Lots of theory
  • Expensive
  • Student debt
  • Paid Co-op for trades
  • More employment opportunity vs University

NeuroStreet Trading Academy:

  • Theory + Online Education + Live Training
  • ZERO Student Debt
  • Very Affordable Education & Software
  • Learning A Money Making Skill Set
  • Your In Control of Your Destiny
  • Build A Transferable Global Business
  • Live the life you want
  • Create your own financial freedom/independence
  • Be your own boss
  • Travel and work remotely
  • Be a part of a like minded community.


In conclusion, NSTA provides you the online education, the practical learning environment and the tools necessary to build a money making business for life. We teach you the skills to fuel your own financial destiny. Watch Episode #5 of Money Mondays below!

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