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It’s Time To Enhance Your #1 Indicator – Your Brain

NeuroStreet is the Industry’s unique patented PERCEPTUAL COGNITIVE TRAINING SYSTEM for active traders and investors.

In as little as 6 Minutes a day, you can train your cognitive abilities to be an elite performer just like professional athletes and military personnel.

NeuroStreet emerged out of 20 years of neuroscience research and is partnered with Faubert Labs from the University of Montreal.  

NeuroStreet is used to enhance mental performance & challenges you to track multiple moving targets dynamically in a 3D space directly on your PC in a cloud-based solution.

Trading Psychology vs Cognitive Training
“We Need Both”

Risk Reduction Using Cognition

NeuroStreet’s training protocol translates to quick, measurable improvements in real-world trading abilities such as:

  • Improving mental resistance to fatigue
  • Faster cognitive responsiveness when looking at multiple screens
  • Enhanced focus when analyzing trades and managing risk
  • Processing & comprehending complex information, especially fast markets!
  • Increased abilities towards multitasking and making fast decisions under high-pressure environments
  • Self-assessment towards cognitive planning during pre/post market prep
  • Application planning based on cognitive daily performance
  • Risk reduction based on cognitive state
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NeuroStreet is Backed By Science: 



  • Executive Function – Staying on task, analyzing, planning
  • Working memory – Understanding, problem-solving
  • Brainwave Speed – Alertness, learning, neuroplasticity
  • Attention – Awareness, focus, concentration
  • Response Control – Controlling impulsivity and behavior
  • Mental Processing Speed – Comprehending information quickly
  • Science Overview #1
  • Science Overview #2
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NTTA – Advanced Tactical Awareness


  • Advanced version of the perceptual training systemIndicator Variations 
  • Requires certain cognitive advancement to activate
  • Combines Base Version + Picture Memory NTTA
  • Picture Memorization (Trading Charts & Indicators)

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Why 3D?

Processing visual information in 3D engages higher-order brain functions that aren’t activated in 2D. This boosts training effects for real-world performance needs. Research at the Faubert Lab shows that 3D heightens Neurostreet performance and that Neurostreet measures can reveal differences in 3D processing abilities across different populations.


3D Glasses

We Get Out What We Put In!


Trading is a performance-based business and the more we work on ourselves, the sharper, faster, more capable we are to be equipped to trade like a professional.  It’s time to upgrade your #1 trading resource – Your Brain!

$49 USD

$6.99 + Taxes & Shipping

$6.99 + $7.50 Shipping

Why choose Cognition?

One of my challenges in becoming a successful trader is that I am not good at multitasking. Yet in trading there are so many things to try and keep track of at once. Sean’s software has been a great help to me with this problem, because he always designs his software with user ease in mind. He tries to make the decision making process as easy as possible. That has been of great value to me.

Then I saw the presentation on being able to literally train my brain to improve. What an asset that would be! I decided to purchase the cognition software and have actually been having fun with it. I had a couple of weeks of exposure and was just getting into the swing of it. Unfortunately, I then had some personal issues come up that prevented me from using it for a bit. That is behind me now and I am starting to get back into it again. After being away from it for a while, I saw a significant drop in my score. I wish I had more time and experience with it to be able to give a better review, but I can say that I have been impressed with it and am looking forward to what long term use of it will do for me.

Larry Wilkinson

*These relationships are either direct or indirect through our medical and sports performance partners.