In this week’s episode of Money Mondays we will be discussing AOI’s and how they are hands down the easiest way to plan trade locations for building strategies. AOI’s are unique to each trader and NSTA uses a combination of several that make up our core strategies.

NSTA Focuses on the following AOI’s:

1.Market Profile & Volume Profile (Primary)



2.Volume Averages (Primary)


3.Momentum/Orderflow (Primary)


4.Supply/Demand (Secondary)


5.Fibonacci Levels  (Secondary)

“Trading success requires you to have a good method and be a good trader in order to succeed…You can’t have one without the other and expect results!” – SK

Having a toolbox of high probability AOI’s is critical to trading success.  In a nutshell, AOI’s are where traders look to engage in trade locations and where you want to do business.  Once you have an AOI you love to trade sn trust, then you can move to your market timing techniques and trade management practices.  We will cover these in another lesson COMING SOON!

Watch this week’s Money Monday (Trader TV Show) below  to learn about AOI’S!

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