Being a member of the Neurostreet for almost a year now, I can assure everyone and new members that Neurostreet team is very well organized and very supportive. The tools designed by NeuroStreet are high end products. The tools are well documented and solves many of the pain points we face in our everyday trading. I really Like Neurostreet products, and the Market profile is the best one I’ve ever seen by far out there. The educators really invested all his time and past year experience in trading to make it available for us to trade with few easy clicks.

Sam H

Neurostreet offers the best combination of tools and education that I have ever come across in all my years of trading. The indicators are world class in my opinion but it’s the educational aspect that has really made a difference for me. The trade room moderators are very experienced traders who do a great job explaining what they are doing while trading live markets. I highly recommend the trade room – you can easily pay for the monthly cost in 1 trade.

Geoff Zimmerman

When I purchased NeuroStreet’s auto splitting profile software my main interest was in the software. As I took in a few trading room experiences and Sean’s AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) weekly webinars I realized that the education competed with the software for value. As a counter trend scalper my eyes have been opened to the importance of market state, trending or oscillating, and why they call for different strategies, so I know when and when not to trade the great levels the TPO/CTV software identifies. Thanks NeuroStreet for the education to capitalize on the tools you create.

Han Robinson

Just wanted to add my two cents about the Auction Curve, and generally about NeuroStreet. Since diving in and watching a few of Sean’s webinars, and deciding to buy some of the software, I feel much more confident in my trading. I was looking for that additional “ingredient” to really improve and perfect my trading “recipe”. With Sean’s framework and the use of Auction Curve,I know I have found just that!

Auction Curve helps me sit quietly and patiently through all the noise and just wait for the right “Retail+Down” or “Value+Up” locations, and bingo, I know I have the high probability trade
location and direction, and can continue with my analysis for laser sharp entries. I am so happy with my purchase of the Auction Curve. Since incorporating it into my trading plan, as Sean teaches in the numerous webinars, I have been able to increase my win percentage dramatically. Most importantly, I trade with a lot more confidence, knowing I am taking the best trade I can, with the best location and structure being on my side, can’t really get any better!

Idan Shoham

My name is Steve and I trade from Columbus Ohio. I got started with NeuroStreet approximately 2 1/2 years ago. I started by purchasing the software a piece at a time. In addition to the software I also find the trade room and trainings to be especially useful. I like that we have different traders with different perspectives and methods of trading. I have learned to incorporate elements of each into my trading. I also enjoy Sean’s teachings as he has a lot a market knowledge and is skilled at communicating this knowledge with enthusiasm!

From my experience, I would also like to add that no indicator, system, trading guru or combination thereof will get you to success with trading if your psychology and/or prosperity mindset is off. This is hands down the most important element of trading! Sean and the traders at NeuroStreet will also attest to this. With good trading psychology and NeuroStreet Tools and Training you can achieve the trading success you desire!

Steve Epke

Sean’s Friday Ask Me Anything sessions are extremely informative and helpful. He provides a clear methodical approach to managing risk and formulating strategies. If you want to trade like a professional, don’t miss out on these sessions.

Geoff Zimmerman

When the SDVolumeZones indicator paints a Supply or Demand zone on my chart, I know that there is a high probability that price will react if it touches that zone again. That allows me to plan ahead and enter limit orders so I am not chasing the market for a trade. The amazing thing is how often the POC or low volume nodes (LVN) in that zone are the exact point where price turns. An added benefit of this indicator is that Michael Black demonstrates how he uses it in his trading every week to select entries or to prevent him from entering a trade that is heading into resistance.

Bruce Kent

As a retail trader, I always look for a trading system or tool that can give me an edge. Trading may appear simple to people who view it as sitting and pushing buttons, but trading is more difficult than any desk job out there. If you have been developing this new skill, you should have purchased a few pieces of software from vendors. At the time of purchase, you would have been told that it is the greatest thing on Earth, that it will make your trading a success. Sounds familiar?

Just look at your email box today. It is probably jam-packed with a bunch of sweet deals. For example, one vendor said, “My _____ Trader Software will hand you up to 90% WINNING TRADE SIGNALS FROM THE SOFTWARE day after day, week after week, and month after month on the Mini Nasdaq (NQ) and Crude Oil(CL) contracts and many others!”

I am sure you have seen this one or many similar promising products. Before you get excited, there are several aspects you should take into your consideration.

To begin, if this software is so wonderful, why isn’t this guy a billionaire talking on CNBC? Can you imagine how many billions you can compound if the 90% success rate story is true?

I am describing this common yet sad story above to make a few points: First, trade system vendors such as this one probably never traded in real money. I know. I have their products and have been in many of their trade rooms. Second, when you see them trading in simulation mode, they cannot trade their way out of a paper bag. Third, they do not dare to show any consistent real broker statements. Finally, they do not have a consistent system which you can mimic and do it yourself.

NeuroStreet’s TPO/CTV Auto V2 is different. It is a full system demonstrated in the live trading room week by week since last year. I am so happy that NeuroStreet has put the systems together to show that trading with large profits is possible.

Tony Lin

I had long been wanting to try out Elliott Wave theory, reading articles, watching videos, but was left thinking that at best this would be an art, rather than a science. I would need to spend many, many hours to learn and practice recognizing the patterns, and even then I would be picking my own wave. I could easily come up with a different wave count than the expert. So when Sean demonstrated the Waves indicator and explained that the rules built into the system would be executed consistently, I decided this was the system I had been seeking.

Bruce Kent

Being a member of the NeuroStreet as well as a purchaser of all the indicators that Michael teaches, I liked the way Michael take his scalp trades with the print profiler. I had no idea about the order flow print until I joined NeuroStreet and attended Michael’s trade room. He got me excited to expand my skills with the different tools that he teaches and learn how you can increase the probability and chances on being on the right side of the market.

Sam H

Being a member of the NeuroStreet as well as a purchaser of all the indicators, I would like to give a big shout and kudos to Ben who provided excellent support to the tools I’ve purchased. I’ve had few issues with some tools not running correctly on my NT8 version. Ben was very responsive and quick. He kept following up with me on to resolve any indicator issues I’ve encountered also provided multiple software version for bug fixes to ensure everything is working right. This type of customer support is fantastic.

Sam H

GF_System_MTF is a great addon indicator which prints the most important Fibonacci-levels on the chart in real time. I’m not sure how Sean and the Neurostreet team have programmed these levels, but these are previous multi timeframe levels, and in some way or another the market nearly always respect these levels.

Erik Bendiksen

My experience on the GF_System_MTF release presentation was that I was very impressed. This systems ability to address what I feel is a major issue facing novice and experienced traders alike was very subtle highlighted. I literally have watch the presentation over 10 times and actually took a trade shorting the EUR/USD on June 7 for a 26 pip profit with only a 5-7 pip drawdown. Market structure! Market structure! Market structure! Armed with this understanding traders looking to get good trade entries, targets to take profit, and trade management, should experience a high level of success in a reasonable amount of time using GF_System_MTF.

I have been trading forex for over 15 years and if there was anyway I could go back and have GF_System_MTF as one of my first systems I ever tried. I believe this would of saved me tons of money and more importantly years of my life trying to become a profitable trader! I am looking forward to using GF_System_MTF ASAP to help me improve on my trading results.

Thanks for sharing all your hard work and helping new traders who have a desire to become profitable ones.

Derrick W

As a trader who owns many trading software from different vendors, I enjoy programs from NeuroStreet. Here is the reason I like Auction Curve:

Auction Curve is a program working like a coach of a football team. It help clear your mind at the time you need a helpful opinion. Everybody is talking about multiple timeframes. The truth is, even multiple timeframes are confusing. One chart is telling you to go long while the others say otherwise. Sounds familiar?

I cannot deny that I have collected different programs. I am sure many people do. When I mix and match, I still need something like a guiding light. Action Curve works like the guiding light in a foggy day. It may not always save you from a stormy day on sea, but it give you something to navigate through a rough trading situation.

Tony Lin

I have been a member of NeuroStreet since 2015. Sean and his team have consistently improved and added to the core programs. When I started the emphasis was on supply and demand zones and indicators that supported trading these levels and looking at intrabar analysis. With the addition of TPO/CTV indicator we now have a great Market Profile tool to look at larger time frame areas and levels of value in a totally new way, the way the floor traders used to trade.

Sean have put together a great educational package and trade room to teach this trading method in an easy to understand progression. The software takes the heavy lifting of setup and splitting market profiles away from the user and automates it. While it is important to still understand what makes up the different profile shapes you no longer have to agonize over or spend time deciding where to split the data for TPO distributions, it is done for you. This is really market leading state of the art software.

. While new to Market Profile I am learning to just trust the zones.

If this is all the software did it would be amazing , but in addition you get the CTV indicator which looks at cumulative tick volume. The indicator identifies different size lot trades and takes the delta of buyers vs sellers over a certain time period to identify the institutional players from the retail trader. In the past I have heard this talked about with the COT report on a weekly basis but never thought it could be done on an intraday chart. Sean have created a unique way to look at block trades that helps you trade along with the Big money and blends very well with the market profile software.

In all this is a fantastic set of indicators that is revolutionary in its ease and has opened up a new way of trading for me. I can highly recommend it for anyone interested in trading Market Profile.

Brian Berger

I’ve known Sean & NeuroStreet for almost 3 years. So far it has been the most reliable trading company I’ve ever followed. Their indicators and trading systems although a little pricey, are top notch and worth the money. During his educational webinars, Sean always goes out to the way the explain everything in detail, and always makes sure all questions are answered properly.

NeuroStreet trading education system is superior, also customer service is also very good and professional, all my questions have been answered usually within the same day. Overall I think this is the best trading company in the market and will definitely recommend to anyone.

Alwin S.

The SD Volume Zones is a unique combination of supply and demand volume zones and a volume profile tool to look into those zones. I have been a customer since 2015 and this indicator was what started me off with NeuroStreet. This software is easy to install, customize to how it looks, and simple to interpret. It has been the BEST supply and demand zone software I have ever used. In the last few years there have been a number of new indicators developed that compliment this base indicator. None of them have replaced it.

SDVolumeZones can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with other indicators such as the Auction Curve for trade filtering or the GF_System_MTF for trade confirmation and trade planning. The software works on numerous bar types and time frames. I personally use it on CL and NQ on both range and renko bars. The indicator clearly displays the supply and demand zones. Uniquely the volume profile of the Zone can also be analyzed. I use this to customize my entries to the POC within the zone rather than just trading an entry at the margin of the box.

I personally use the SDVolumeZones with the GF_System_MTF , Auction Curve and Print Profiler as taught in Michael’s trade room. This combination has helped to both increase my reward risk and win-loss percentage .

As always the educational videos are well done and there are new webinars all the time showing combinations with other NeuroStreet indicators. NeuroStreet has consistently supported and improved their products during the years I have been a customer and I am honored to recommend the SD Volume Zones.

Brian Berger

I have purchased the VMDivergence indicator from NeuroStreet and am very pleased with the product. At first it seemed like there were a lot of parameters which felt overwhelming, but I took the time to watch the training video and read the manual which are great and helped enormously. Then I also spent time turning each parameter on and off or adjusting the setting and visually seeing what it did to the display. In just a day or two I felt very comfortable and at home.

I especially like the Sentiment Settings for the Histogram and Market Structure. In one quick glance, I can tell if the most recent price action is trending up , down, or oscillating and if the sentiment is bullish or bearish. I also like the enhancements that were added to automatically show divergence and hidden divergence. That automatic visual display is so much easier for me than trying to remember to check for that on my own. As with all of Sean’s software, he has taken something fairly complex and simplified it to the max.

I can now make trading decisions with a quick and easy glance at a couple of things instead of having to remember to check 6, 8, or more different things. It has definitely eased my problem with analysis paralysis.

Larry Wilkinson

The Barometer is an interesting add-on to have. Like the rest of Sean’s software, it takes a lot of complex information and puts it in a format that is simple and easy for the user to see and make a decision from.

Larry Wilkinson

Sean has performed exhaustive research into timeframe conversions, to be sure we are seeing the correct price action at a level that is neither so fast that we are overwhelmed by the normal back and forth of price, nor so large that we miss efficient entry as price turns. He has done so much more research on this subject than I could ever contemplate doing for myself. This is the kind of detailed numeric research we have come to expect from Sean, which is truly impressive. Sean’s approach is to provide all the tools one needs to trade successfully, and the training in how to use those tools effectively. His perspective on what it takes to be a trader is all-encompassing, expanding to include how to manage money and risk, and even how to increase our cognitive ability.

Bruce Kent