FAQ - NeuroStreet Inc.


Why should I choose NeuroStreet as a trading school?

The benefits of being a NeuroStreet customer are…


  • NeuroStreet is the collective sum of 30 + years of trading experience.
  • NeuroStreet leverages the industry’s top software developers for advanced trading analytics.
  • Neurostreet provides multiple trading instructors with decades of experience.
  • NeuroStreet provides multiple trading strategies and learning paths to accommodate different trader personas
  • NeuroStreet provides the opportunity to speak with other traders
  • NeuroStreet provides the Industry’s only unique patented PERCEPTUAL COGNITIVE TRAINING SYSTEM for active traders and investors.
  • NeuroStreet cognitive trader development emerged out of 20 years of neuroscience research and is partnered with Faubert Labs from the University of Montreal.
Why does NSTA charge an Annual Maintenance Fee on Software purchases?
The Annual Software Maintenance Fee is a standard industry fee that is required for NSTA to keep the software operational and free of bugs. It helps us maintain compatibility with the platforms we design for and ensuring that all bugs are addressed in a timely manner. NSTA reserves the right to charge an Annual Software Maintenance Fee.
This fee includes:
  • Bugs
  • Maintenance
  • Platform compatibility
  • Feature updates (not system replacements)


Rate: 10% of software purchase price

Frequency: Charged initially at time of purchase, then automatically re-billed annually


***If the maintenance fee is not collected annually software will run the risk of being deactivated***
This fee is for new purchases moving forward starting in 2020.
Any previous purchases before 2020 will be grandfathered in with no fee applied. 
How do you run your trade room?
  • Our live market education classes and trade room are designed for educational purposes only.
  • The instructors/moderators will demonstrate concepts of how the markets work, how to use NeuroStreet indicators as well as add their own personal experience to showing educational market concepts.
  • All trades mentioned or taken during the classes by the instructor will be in simulation ONLY and are done to help traders apply the use of the different indicators. By no means will there be any signal services, trading advice or any form of trading advisory services. EDUCATION ONLY ON USE OF THE SOFTWARE AND CONCEPTS.
I am a consistently losing trader, how can you help me?

Neurostreet provides the opportunity to engage in our Master Trader Programs. Depending on your trader persona, we direct you down the proper education path, we provide you the correct trading strategies & on top of this, we provide trader development through use of cognitive training so that you can accomplish you trader goals.

There are many different ways to trade and not all of them provide results we as traders are seeking.  We can’t guarantee that you will follow our resources, but we will show you what is working for current students and other successful traders that have been where you are now.

Ultimately the end goal is to get you confidently trading with belief in your abilities and trust in your strategy.  Your improvement will be a direct result of your daily routine, your trade plan and practice.

What Capital requirements do I need to start day trading futures based on your education, software, and core strategy?

The amount of money you require actually depends on your trading objectives.  Most importantly you should only use money that is allocated for trading. Don’t use the money you cannot afford to lose.  Having more money to start with can be advantageous however there are markets and strategies that can be implemented even with a small account.

You can actually get started day trading futures with as little as $10,000 because there is no pattern day trading rule.  Those who trade with more starting capital can trade larger time frames as they bear more risk.

NeuroStreet Master Trader Programs are geared toward identifying the correct trader persona. Those trading on smaller accounts would be best suites for trading the scalping strategies located in our Supply/Demand & Orderflow Program.  Those trading on larger accounts can trade both the scalping strategies located in our Supply/Demand & Orderflow Program or the intraday swing trading strategy located in our Market Profile Program.

How Does Cognitive Training Enhance Trading?

Financial trading is no different than professional sports or military training.  All environments are extremely competitive and require enhanced decision making under pressure.  With trading, split-second decisions can make or break your performance. The better equipped you are to mentally focus and handle live market conditions the better chance you have of succeeding.

In as little as 6 Minutes a day, you can train your cognitive abilities to be an elite performer just like professional athletes and military personnel.

If I work full time can I still trade and use your resources?

You sure can!  One of the best advantages to trading global markets is that they are open almost 24/hours a day.  There are several market sessions that can be approached either during the day or during the overnight sessions.  

 Depending on your current availability to trade as well as the allotted time you have, each trader can create an individual trade plan that is specific to their individual needs and risk assessment.

 One key aspect is that our Master Trader Programs are extremely flexible.  You can go through the program at your own pace and take as much time as needed to learn and advance through education, skill development, and application. Our education provides live market exposure plus video records so you can learn what is best suited for you and your schedule.

 Our goal is to make sure you can effectively find your path to consistency.  We encourage skill development through practice and one of the best advantages is that we can record live data using the trading platforms & their market replay capabilities.  This allows traders who have full-time/part-time jobs the option to trade in simulation as though it was a live environment.

Can I actually make money trading online?

Your success ultimately depends on your own drive and work ethic when learning strategies and building your confidence!  

Traders around the world have succeeded in using our education, strategies, and software to make money. Regardless of your current situation or your level of experience, we provide the tools to help make your trading and income goals a reality.

All we ask is that you treat trading seriously and approach it as a business, not a hobby.  It’s been our experience that those who accept this and focus on skill development and practice are the ones most likely to reap the rewards the financial markets can offer.

Is trading hard to learn?

Trading can be complex, however, we as traders need to simplify the process so that we can become skilled at what we do.  Knowing everything is not the answer to making money but having a plan is.  Similar to sports, if we are to elevate our skill and expect better results, each trader must accept that learning anything new or challenging will take some element of time to master their proficiency.

What makes NeuroStreet such a strong component to helping with this, is that we have spent years building software solutions to make this an easy and comfortable experience in as little time as possible.  Our online training and live trading rooms are geared towards making the trading process simple to use and easy to understand.  We don’t crowd your screens with numerous indicators that aren’t necessary and we teach strategies in a step-by-step process so you can gradually advance with a firm understanding.  Most importantly, we spend countless hours performing live market education and analysis so you have the guidance that’s expected to learn how to apply your skills using our tools and software.


What markets can I trade using the NeuroStreet software?

Our software is universal over all markets, time-frames and trading styles. It can be applied towards (day trading, swing trading & position trading) all asset classes (stocks, futures & forex).

Do you advocate using stop losses, a trading plan, and risk management when trading?

As professional traders, our primary focus is to approach this a successful business in risk management.  We ALWAYS use stop losses!  Trading without stop-losses is a form of gambling and we don’t approach the markets this way….EVER!

Combining the use of stop losses, risk management, and money management, you can gain the confidence to have a sound trading plan.  This, in turn, gives you the ability to call yourself a risk manager as opposed to a trader…A much more suitable job title IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION.

What platforms is your software usable on?

NeuroStreet software is designed for use with the NinjaTrader & TradeStation (at this time).  Our future plans are to have our tools available on multiple platforms as we grow and expand our company and product offering.  

Currently only support version of Ninjatrader.

Note: NinjaTrader® is a registered trademark of NinjaTrader Group, LLC. No NinjaTrader company has any affiliation with the owner, developer, or provider of the products or services described herein, or any interest, ownership or otherwise, in any such product or service, or endorses, recommends or approves any such product or service.

Can I speak with someone regarding my goals and have my questions asked prior to purchasing?

We encourage you to  contact us  first.  We would rather you make an informed decision prior to purchasing our software. This eliminates any uncertainties before you begin using our products.

Can you guarantee results?

As per the required CFTC Risk Disclosure statement guidelines, we cannot provide guarantees regarding future performance.  Please read carefully the risk disclaimer posted on our website.

Do you offer refunds on purchases?

Important – Please Read Carefully Prior To Purchasing!

NeuroStreet strives to provide excellence and quality when delivering proprietary software and resources to its users.  We strongly encourage that all visitors to our site fully engage in all disclaimersterms of useNDA’s and privacy policies.

Due to the nature of our services and the proprietary tools provided to traders upon purchasing, ALL SALES ARE FINAL & NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR ANY REASON.

We understand that trading education and resources can be expensive, however, it is the sole responsibility of the user/subscriber to be fully aware of these guidelines prior to purchasing our services or products.

In the event you have any questions regarding these guidelines prior to purchasing our products or services we encourage you to contact us so we can help address any concerns moving forward with your purchase:

What is the minimum PC Specs required to operate NeuroStreet Software?
  • Windows 10
  • 3.6 gigahertz (Intel Core i5 8th generation, or Intel Core i7 6th generation), 4-cores, 8-threads
  • 6GB RAM, 6MB SmartCache
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (pre-installed on most PC’s and can be downloaded here: Microsoft .NET Framework)
  • DirectX10 compatible graphics card highly recommended