To be a globally recognized trading school that creates winning traders.  


We provide education, strategies, proprietary trading software and cognitive training solutions using NeuroScience.


What is NeuroStreet Trading Academy?

NeuroStreet Trading Academy is a globally recognized trading school focused on the following 3 pillars:

  1. Trading Education
  2. Proprietary Software & Strategies
  3. Trader Development Using NeuroScience

    The Type Of People Who Benefit The Most From Us Have These Characteristics:

    • You’re looking to improve your cognitive abilities and excel in your daily routine.
    • You’re willing to let go of the past situations that are no longer serving you.
    • You’re passionate about learning and practicing your trading strategies.
    • You’re honest with yourself about your skills and expectations.
    • You’ve had sporadic trading success, but want consistency.
    • You will do the hard work to master your craft and tools.
    • You’re willing to invest in yourself to succeed.
    • You’ve kicked the get-rich-quick mindset to the curb.
    • You want an approach to trading that you can learn and follow easily.


    What makes NeuroStreet Trading Academy so different?

    • NeuroStreet is the collective sum of 30 + years of trading experience.
    • NeuroStreet leverages the industry’s top software developers for advanced trading analytics.
    • Neurostreet provides multiple trading instructors with decades of experience.
    • NeuroStreet provides multiple trading strategies and learning paths to accommodate different trader personas.
    • NeuroStreet provides the opportunity to speak with other traders.
    • NeuroStreet provides the Industry’s only unique patented PERCEPTUAL COGNITIVE TRAINING SYSTEM for active traders and investors. 
    • NeuroStreet cognitive trader development emerged out of 20 years of neuroscience research and is partnered with Faubert Labs from the University of Montreal.  



    To Your Success,


    The NeuroStreet Trading Academy Team!